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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/2/2005 22:00 (Entered as : 03/02/05 22:00)
Reported: 10/17/2007 6:17:31 PM 18:17
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Bethel, OH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20 minutes
((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to the source of the report, MUFON/Ohio, for sharing the report with our Center! PD))

Nine spherical objects in the night sky, one flew overhead, changing into some sort of flying machine!

My Sightings I have had a number of sightings at home and on my property. I live in a rural area in Ohio where, for some reason, just about anything can happen. The sighting I am writing to you about is a fantastic one, although there have been some other pretty incredible sightings.

It started one evening on the 2ndof March, 2005. I was walking my cat down to our garage to put her in out of the cold, when all of a sudden, to the left of my view, I saw 7 spherical UFO’s flying through the sky. They zoomed into view. They were pale white, filmy sort of objects with a little dark dot in the center. As I watched I was treated to a dancing display of lights, which left me dumbfounded. During the dance, the two smaller white spheres dropped out of the two larger UFO’s, and began to zip around in the sky, darting every which way. The two smaller discs then joined back up with the larger UFO’s almost as if they were being absorbed into these larger objects. These smaller discs were white and filmy too but with no dot in the center of them. It was as if they were smaller ships, or something, that seemed to scout around even more quickly than the bigger objects. They looked like orbs of light or similar to that. The group continued on, but hovered in the middle of the sky. I was so excited! I had just made a decision about a year before to start looking up at the sky for UFO’s. I had only looked up, maybe, twice, that year, for a minute or two; it wasn’t anything serious, so when I saw these objects I knew exactly what they were. I had read about UFO’s, and how some of them looked, and behaved; there was no mistaking it, this was what I had read about.

I quickly ran over to my drive at the gate to get a better look, then to my husband’s shop to get my cameras. I had two cameras - unfortunately, only one was fully loaded (as I found out later), but I managed to get a couple of shots. I told myself (inside my head) that I wanted these UFO’s to come closer, so that I could get a good photograph. No one would believe the picture that I would get, at this distance. While the second I said that, one of the UFO’s started over! It heard me! It had heard what I had said in my own mind; that means they are telepathic! As the object came closer, I panicked and started to run. I had heard and read about what could happen to you if you got too close to a UFO – you know, burns and radiation – so I didn’t need that. So, I ran. As I ran this object stopped in mid-stream and started back toward the group. …I stopped and went back to the gate with my cameras in-hand, actually one was strapped around my neck and started to snap pictures of these UFO’s, when I realized I couldn’t get the flash to work (on my digital camera). Over and over, again, I snapped the picture with no luck. I quickly went to camera B. It worked fine, it was my 35 mm camera. I got pictures of these objects, or at least I hoped I had; it was dark and they were up in the sky and you know how that looks on film. So, I said it again, “Please come over so I can take your picture.” And, again just as I said that, the UFO started to travel over….I was so excited, but I started to run again to my house. I just couldn’t stop myself. The UFO kept coming and I kept running, looking up as often as I could. Just as I was approaching the house a white flash went off…with the sound of a click. I thought, “Oh, my camera is working now or they have somehow activated my camera.” I kept running. As I came to my house, I took another look…this object looked like a star traveling pretty fast; it was white with a fiery motion to it, all ablaze in white with a pale yellow front to it. The pale yellow was at the beginni! ng of th e object. Then as I looked - before I was near to the house - I saw the object stand stationary in the sky – about 15 feet from me and 30 feet in the air. It was in semi-darkness, with light and shadow playing upon it, I could barely make out the shape. It wasn’t circular anymore but looked to be sort of crescent-shaped. …I don’t know, I couldn’t really tell. Something was rotating… it kept rotating. Then all of a sudden, a slender milky white arm slinked down from it, about 15 feet down from the object. You know what I mean, like a spider drops down from its web (that sort of motion and look). And it was translucent, gossamer-like, with a curly-cue tail on the end of it. The very last look I got before I dashed into the house, was when I looked up and saw a milky white sphere on the end of the thing. As I was running, it must of appeared somehow on the bottom of the arm. It was attached to this arm. The sphere was see-thru, too, similar to the arm. This UFO star-like thing seemed to be in the material world and the arm and sphere seemed to be in another dimension. This was like a science fiction movie. I couldn’t believe it! I felt like I was being scanned. I was being scanned by this sphere, and my only thought was ... “I feel so primitive.” I ran into the house and didn’t come back out or look out the windows the rest of the evening. I can tell you that I had had a real earth shattering experience; things will never be the same for me. I still look up at the sky, every night, wishing and hoping to see these UFO’s again.

The next day something very unusual and strange happened at the License Bureau – no less, of all the places. I had to renew my license and had to take the vision test. I don’t need eye-glasses to drive, so I was looking into this vision-testing machine (it was a new one) and the weirdest thing happened. In the beginning of the test, I saw a series of patterns that I was to relate back to the clerk. I did that, and as the test progressed the clerk seemed to tell me that I wasn’t seeing the board properly. Or I wasn’t getting it right, somehow. I told her that what she was asking me to look at just wasn’t there; that that part of the board pattern was there, but the part in the middle was not. I said to her that I think the machine is broken. She said that it had worked all morning and that there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

I gave her the machine (for her to look into) and she began to draw what she saw. She said that this is what is in the machine, at the moment, and this is what she needed me to describe. I looked at her drawing and recognized the pattern, immediately; I had seen this pattern and column at the very beginning of the test. I quickly looked into the machine so that I could see this pattern, too, and I was flabbergasted. It wasn’t there! The column in the middle, the one she was talking about, was gone; it was blank, now - when I looked into the machine - with a white background. Her drawing with the column in the middle and the symbols on it, was not there. I started to realize then that there was something going on, and it was inside of me. It had to do with my unusual experience the night before …. I just somehow knew this.

She didn’t laugh at me or anything, just directed me to another building where I cold take another vision test with a different machine – the older type machines they had had the last time I visited the license bureau. This time a police officer was at the helm and I passed the test quickly and got my license. I know that this had something to do with my UFO sighting the night before. It’s almost as if the individuals who controlled the UFO were telling me that they could come into my mind and change what I see… change what I see through my own eyes.

Intriguing. They made me NOT see what was there at the license bureau clearly that day on the machine….and, possibly, just maybe, they made me SEE something that might not have been there, the night before, with the UFO’s. Who knows what it was I really came upon that night? The UFO experience seemed like magic to me. I don’t know…maybe it was all hallucination…or maybe I did see something the night before, a real UFO, and then the individual controlling the object (probably from afar as I didn’t sense a being in it) showed me that he could get inside my head and change my vision. The individual or controller of this experience, my experience, is God-like.

….Maybe all this is just me doing all these miraculous things, mentally bringing these things about. But what about the UFO my husband and I photographed a month later? My husband and I witnessed another UFO and actually photographed it! It was a different type UFO, in that it was a red/orange sphere…but that’s another story to tell.