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Occurred : 8/26/2007 20:40 (Entered as : 08/26/07 20:40)
Reported: 10/24/2007 2:54:37 PM 14:54
Posted: 11/28/2007
Location: Victor, NY
Shape: Flash
Duration:2 seconds +
On 8/26/07, I saw a bright flash in the sky followed later by three points of light in a triangular form moving in unison.

My husband and I were returning from the town of Victor, NY at about 8:40 pm on 8/26/07 on County Road 9 when a bright flash of light appeared in the sky. It was contained to about the six inches of the windshield. It was visible at the upper, center part of the windshield but I could not tell you how far away it was. I seemed to be close and low. There were no clouds in the sky and no storms nearby. It was dark but not extremely dark.

My husband yelled, “What the hell was that?” I told him it looked like the Star Ship Enterprise taking off at warp speed. We did not see anymore flashes.

However, I did see three points of light about fifteen minutes later from my porch. They were extremely high and looked at first glance to be stars or satellites in orbit. The peculiar feature about them was that they were triangular in form. The three points of light moved in unison. Possibly, they were military. I don’t know of anything else that could travel in that manner.

I contacted a local news station to see if anyone else had reported strange lights in the sky, but they basically treated me as if I were a nut. I don’t watch them anymore.

My husband is a business owner and I am a stay-at-home mom. We live in a respectable, wealthy suburb of Rochester, NY. I am open minded and my husband is a true skeptic