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Occurred : 12/15/2007 18:25 (Entered as : 12/15/07 18:25)
Reported: 12/19/2007 2:53:57 PM 14:53
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Newark, DE
Shape: Circle
Duration:15 minutes
Two very bright lights seen in the sky before vanishing, one seen a second time in a different location several minutes later

Last Saturday evening, the 15th of December, I was running some errands. I was on my way from my apartment to my place of work to pick up my paycheck (about a 5 minute drive.) I was alone in the car. There are two ways to get to my work, and if I had chosen the way that I usually prefer to take, I may not have seen what I saw that night. I thought that this other way would be quicker though, so I went that way. I almost made the light at the intersection of Wyoming Road (which I was on, facing east) and Marrow's Road, but it turned red just before I got there, so I was stopped for a few minutes waiting to make a left turn.

To the south (my right side) of this intersection is a large suburban residential area. To the northwest (roughly behind me) is a shopping center. Directly east (in front of me) is a large warehouse of some kind, and slightly to the northeast of that building is a highly visible chemical factory building with large smokestacks (which I always jokingly call "those pretty cloud machines.") I don't think there was anyone else stopped at the intersection.

The sky that night was completely overcast; not a single star could be seen anywhere. The sun had set, so it was fully nightttime, but because of the cloud cover bouncing back the light pollution it was relatively light outside.

So I was sitting at the red light and just looking ahead of me, when I saw two very bright, circular or spherical white lights come out of nowhere in the eastern sky, above the warehouse. I thought they must be planes at first, and Delaware does have an airport somewhat nearby with occasionally low-flying planes, but these objects were hovering and not traveling in a straight trajectory. The lights on them were also much brighter than on a plane. It was difficult to tell exactly how far away from me they were, and I did not hear any noise. The two lights were close together at first. The one on the right remained stationary in the sky, and its light was stable. The one on the left was blinking on and off, and moved slowly to the left (north.) I got the feeling that the stationary one was in some way controlling the movements of the other one. As I watched this I realized they were not ordinary aircraft, and it seemed that the instant I thought this, the lights stopped moving for a second and then gradually retreated back behind the thick cloud cover. From my perspective, it looked like they faded out before disappearing. I had the distinct impression that they had been aware I was watching, and the whole thing spooked me out. The traffic light turned green and I continued on my way, trying to analyze what had happened and think of any other possible explanations. I was mad that I had forgotten to take out my camera, but I was so shocked by what I was seeing and it was over very quickly (the lights were visible for maybe 20-30 seconds or so total.) After picking up my paycheck, I went to my mother's house, which is in a residential neighborhood off of Kirkwood Highway. As I pulled onto her street (again facing east) I saw just one of these same bright white lights. The light was not blinking, so I assumed it was the non-blinking one I had seen before (it looked exactly the same), but it could have been the blinking one from before or possibly a third craft. I pulled into my mom's driveway while continuing to watch the light, which was still just moving slowly around in the sky, hovering. I looked at the clock so at least I would know exactly what time it was on this second was 6:41 pm. Now I thought of my camera and fished around in my purse for it, but was unable to locate it. (I had taken it out a couple nights before to take pictures of something else and never put it back.) I kept watching the light, and again it was like the craft knew I was watching and conspiring to take pictures of it. Suddenly, the bright light was shut off, but I could still see three very dim lights in a triangular pattern in its place. The lights were (I think) red/pink, blue/green, and yellow/orange. This triangular formation then moved to the left (north) and disappeared behind a house. That was the last I saw of it.

When I got home that night, I drew pictures of what I had seen and jotted down the details. I looked up the locations where I saw these craft on Mapquest, and I was definitely looking almost directly east both times.

I am a college student in my senior year, and I work part time in customer service. I was not under the influence of any intoxicants at the time. I believed in UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence before, but now I am even more sure that they exist. I am not sure that what I saw could not have been explained by man-made technology, but I can't shake the feeling that they knew I was watching and altered their movements because of it.