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Occurred : 12/1/2007 12:00 (Entered as : 12/01/07 12:00)
Reported: 12/22/2007 10:33:17 PM 22:33
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Kailua, HI
Shape: Changing
Duration:22 days ongoing
Ongoing daily photography of UFO's invisible to naked eyes over Kaneohe, Hawaii .

I am currently engaged in a remarkable UFO experience. I live near the Kaneohe Marine Corps base located in Kaneohe, Hawaii, and I have been photographing UFO’s in the skies on a nearly daily basis since Dec 1, 2007. Today is Dec 22, and I have dozens of pictures of different shaped objects. Some are perfectly round, some are cylindrical, some are disk like, and one close up disk even appears to have antenna sticking out the top and bottom. On occasion two objects appear in the sky at once, and the higher object is usually cylindrical. In one image there are two white spheres an done black sphere.

What is remarkable is that there are no visible objects to my naked eye. They only appear when I download my pictures. I have excellent vision and have been extremely careful to watch the skies as I am taking the pictures to insure that they are not bugs or birds or other visible flying objects. It is so intriguing that they resemble other people pictures I have seen on the subject.

I began this project out of inquisitive fun. A friend and I went to an October 22 2007 Blue Angels show on base and he, being very well read about UFO’s, said we might get a picture of one if we took pictures of the skies around the show. I didn’t expect anything but a fun diversion, until one of his downloaded images contained a far off cylindrical object that I have since become very familiar with.

I decided to make a project out of seeing if I could get similar results, and have been quite shocked with the experience. Having shot pictures of the skies all around, I am only getting these objects in a very specific area, but at different altitudes. They are essentially hovering above what is known as Kalaheo hillside, to the west of some pretty complex towers that I have been told are military radar equipment. Maybe these objects are military in nature, but even this is profound. From the H3 Kaneohe look out they are most often directly above, and from my house in Kailua, they are above the ridge. Based on their relativity to the common cumulus clouds, I would say they most often sit right below them, roughly 2000 feet up.

I am currently trying to convince others to join me in this project but have yet to have anyone join me in taking pictures or video. I think it’s remarkable that I can accurately predict capturing UFO’s on film. I would encourage anyone reading this to take pictures of this area and see what they get.

I would like to add that early on in this project I had a very visceral dream that was very out the ordinary. I don’t know if its connected, but the entire dream was look down from very high in the sky at two air force planes refueling mid air. The whole dream was just my thoughts trying to orient the view, trying to figure out what I was looking at. Its very strange because I really have no interest in military things, and I was able to confirm the way the planes were aligned with a little research afterwards. . Interestingly, there were no views looking down on the operation, like I was seeing, available. I had no references to how I was seeing this, no ship I was on, just a view. I don't know why or how I "knew" they were air force either. And in thinking about it, it really was a perfect way to “show me” something that I could understand, but not really create.

My Background Female, 40 years old, Teacher and professional artist, no history of mental illness.