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Occurred : 9/17/2005 22:00 (Entered as : 09/17/05 22:00)
Reported: 12/28/2007 5:36:14 AM 05:36
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Havre, MT
Shape: Fireball
Duration:Several Minutes
Bright Lights on the High-Line

Well this sighting time is not exact, as this even has occurred spuratically over a few years after a first sighting caught my attention and sparked my hightened awareness to the lights that surrounded me in my rural montana sky. At the times of these sightings i ranged in age of 17-19 years old. If there is any doubt as to my credibility, i assure you i have nothing to gain from wasting my time with a false report. I am however completely astonished to see that other people in Havre, MT have had VERY similar accounts on dates that i very well could have been seeing the same thing! So i apologize that the dates are not accurate, but the account however is most definately accurate, as i can best recount.

The most vivid memory i have of these fireballs was not my first, but i must however tell the story of the first sighting of these so called fireball or bright light. So it happened that me and my very best friend, who is also witness to this and a few other sightings, were driving northeast on what would be an unmapped dirt road on a state map, but the locals all know this as a network of back roads connecting local amish (hudderites) communities and leading to the highway that goes to canada. So here we are driving on this dirt road, staring at the stars above and smoking like chimneys just enjoying the company, when we decided we had better turn around as this dirt road goes forever, and we didnt intend on going the full route. Upon turning around and driving for sometime we approached over a hill and i noticed something i definately didnt see going the other way. Now over this hill the landscape evened out, as is common in the hilly area of havre, and i asked my friend if she saw it, and what she thought of it. Open minded as we are, we speculated that it must be a light up on a pole on someones farm. Still stopped we stared for some time at it, it was noticeably brighter and more orange than a streetlamp, or a light on a pole at someones farm might be, just a little fireball with consistent edges that didnt move. However upon careful consideration this light had to be up higher than any light on a pole could be, and way too low to be a star, and too bright for that matter, and too orange. That kind of gave me the creeps, especially that it was hovering in the southern sky, same direction as where i live, and the road i got to travel home alone on. The both of us would recount this story nearly the same, storytelling ability aside, i have given my best memorial account of this event....which led to many other sightings of exactley the same object, and this most noteable one i will share with you next.

At the time of the first sighting, it must have been early before winter, as it was cold, or i would have got out, and before there was snow on the ground. However i clearly remember this most memorable sightings season, as there was plenty of snow, and everything was white, making a nice white horizon off in the distance where the hills rolled off into the beaver creek park. This time me and my best friend, again at night, anywhere between 9pm-12am, were traveling on this dirt route forementioned in my previous account, i noticed there were three lights off in the distance, and in the same area as the previous sights to a tee, now i had seen three lights before in a straight line formation, however they never moved. Now this time me and my friend were already stopped when we both realized the lights at the same time, they were going to dance for us. One, two, three lights spaced evenly apart all jumped up, leaving a tail that dissipated, to a higher location, and jumped then to a lower location, that was lower than where they were at initial sighting, this happened rather quickly, the jumps taking about 3 seconds a piece. After each jump the lights would all disappear and then reappear, it was like as the tail faded so did the light. It was a pattern obviously. Appear, jump leaving a tail, disappear, reappear in new location. In that order. Now as they are appearing and reappearing and whatnot, im telling my friend to flash the car lights at them, like maybe we could get a response. To no avail, but it was worth a shot, in my opinion they were obvlivious to us. They did eventually blink out, they did not appear to travel away, as in get further away then closer, they stayed at the same distance away from us.

Now i grew up in Havre and was always fascinated by its bright sky with so much going on in it, and it was all visible. Over the years there are certain things you see all the time. Sattelites, jets, planets that are brighter on certain days, meteor showers, every cosmic even that goes on in our horizon is visible to us, because thats the beauty of Montana. I say this so that i can distinguish to you that i have the common knowledge to differentiate between something explainable to us, and something that is not. These fireballs are to me one of many things, one is it is possible alien spacecraft, manned, or unmanned, who knows. It could be military training, or military related, as there are Nuclear bombs all along the hi-line from what i hear, not sure if any in the immediate Havre proximity, but theres alot of land out there, and i know of one you can see on the way to great falls. What if those lights are what cause crop circles? I was always interested to know weather or not the local farmers ever had one appear. What if this is actually a craft lifting off or studying something. It could be one craft or many crafts. If its one craft it would have to be a very bright, small craft. If it is one, then it would have to be dark and those would have to be its lights, but im only speculating at this point, relaying what goes through my mind when i recount this memory.

Now i hope this helps other locals out there, and i encourage all to share theyre stories of weird lights over montana. What a perfect place to see a UFO, so clear and so much unused land. Just like new mexico and nevada, there is alot of unused land. Could the government be using it? Speculating again, ahh what can i say to a wandering mind when it comes to matters like this. Thanks all for listening. -Smartone