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Occurred : 1/3/2008 20:30 (Entered as : 01/03/08 20:30)
Reported: 1/3/2008 5:58:33 PM 17:58
Posted: 1/21/2008
Location: Flat Rock, AL
Shape: Diamond
Odd shifting light that changes colors and has never been seen in the sky around my house since I have lived there possible UFO?????

Let me start with I don’t believe in UFO’s but this is something rare that I have never seen before in my life. So I got witnesses to verify that I am not going crazy and everyone saw the same thing. So here is my report.

I was outside looking at the sky as I do most nights and see the constellations in the winter.

When I saw what looked like a very bright star. But it was flashing different color lights; red, blue, green, and white. The longer I watched it I noticed that it was not just sitting in one place. When actually it would sit still for a little while and then dart to the right, then sit still and dart to the left. The one thing that I did notice is that it did not have a certain pattern in the movement so you never knew which direction it was going to move. The whole time it was moving it was climbing higher and higher. While it was darting left and right it was not so fast that you could not see it, and the light did not blur or trail so I assumed it was a long ways off. But this I can not be sure of. We was not able to see the shape of the object. It just looked like a big diamond in the sky, and every once in a while a light would shine into it and make like a prism of light. I guess it looked as if someone wearing this diamond on their hand and would move the hand every now and again.

The location of this light was directly east of our home. It was just above the tree line behind my house. The tree’s there are about 40 foot tall. And they are located about 100 yards behind my house. The ground slopes up at about 5 degrees from the back of my house to the tree line. Hopefully this will give you enough information to figure out a close estimate of where it was in the sky. It was also right below the belt of Orion.

If there is anything explainable about this the please contact me and let me know. I also have the information on how to get in contact with the wittnesses.