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Occurred : 10/31/1991 13:30 (Entered as : 10/31/91 13:30)
Reported: 1/9/2008 11:54:42 PM 23:54
Posted: 1/21/2008
Location: Boulder (10 miles west), CO
Shape: Circle
Duration:30 to 45 seconds
Two glowing translucent spheres chasing and playing "tag" in the trees, one landed, one flew away.

I stumbled on your web site tonight, January 9 2008, and noticed that you accept UFO sighting reports. I've told many people about my sighting, which was several years ago, but never reported it to an organization that collects UFO reports. And since I don't spend much time reading or researching UFO reports that other's have written, I'm not sure if what I saw is common or not or relevant to your collection of reports. I thought it might be helpful however to document my sighting so that other people can compare it with what they have seen. Let me say however that I didn't believe in UFOs until my experience. Frankly I find "UFO people" at bit odd and I've always distrusted them- still do. To this day, I believe most people are lying about seeing UFOs. It's as if they want to believe in them. Now that I've seen a UFO, I have no choice but to believe that there is something to this phenomenon which can't be explained.

The day was October 31 (1991?) . It was a warm sunny day in the mountains in an area a few miles West of Boulder Colorado near Sugarloaf Mountain. I was standing on a path which I had been on hundreds of times before. There are a few houses around and the area has a lot of people during the Summer months. In October, traffic drops considerably. On this day, I was alone for several hours.

While standing on the path, I looked Northeast toward a thicket of pine trees about a thousand feet away and slightly higher than my elevation. I noticed a round reflection of light moving around on the limbs of the trees as if someone was using a round mirror to reflect sunlight (about a yard in diameter). It had a very pale yellowish orange glow much like reflected sunlight on a surface and I could see the trees through it. At first I thought it was from a mirror on a moving car which was reflecting light in the trees. I looked for a car under the reflection but there wasn't one so I looked back up at the light.

What struck me was the way that the reflection was moving so smoothly through the trees. Light, dancing off of a mirror from a moving car, would have a jerky motion but this did not. Normally a light reflection would change in size when it hits a tree that is closer than one in the distance but this was not the case either. A piece of tumble weed, blown up from a dirt devil, would have snagged in the thick trees. There was no dust or pieces of debris with it. On that day, the air was completely still.

I realized a few seconds later that it was not a reflection because it moved higher in the sky above the trees and there was nothing behind for it to reflect off of except blue sky. It remained translucent against the sky but a little less bright. While it circled above the tree tops a second one came up from behind the trees and followed it. The original one dropped back into the trees and the second one followed. It was as if they were playing with each other. Almost like a game of tag. At times they would chase each other in the sky and then they would drop into trees and maneuver smoothly through them. This went on for about 30 seconds and they would take turns chasing each other.

One of them darted from low in the trees and shot up back into the sky behind the trees and out of view. The other one followed. After about 10 seconds, one of them rose up from behind the trees, flew around in a circular pattern and slowly descended to the ground at the base of a tree. It remained there motionless. The other one never returned.

I looked around hoping to find someone who saw what I had just witnessed but there was no one. I decided to hike over to the tree and check it out. I don't know why I wasn't frightened except that I suppose it was just too fascinating. I made a point to keep my eyes fixed on it as much as possible as I hiked nearer to it's location. There were times when I had to look down to check my footing. The closer I got to it the dimmer it became. I'm guessing that I was within 500 feet when the glow became so faint that I couldn't see it anymore and I couldn't spot the exact location where I thought it landed. It was private property so I didn't go all the way into the trees. When I returned to the area of the path where I first sighted the object (about 5 minutes later) the object was no longer visible under the tree.

Anyway, that's it. It's not a very exciting story and most people find it kind of boring. I can tell you however that it's exciting to me and I'll never forget that day and how it changed my view of things.

I have some additional observations about this incident which I haven't included but may have some scientific relevance if anyone is interested. Someone can contact me from the NUFORC if they like. I realize it was a long time ago but I'm interested if other's have seen the same thing and what they or you think it is.