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Occurred : 1/22/2008 18:00 (Entered as : 01/22/08 18:00)
Reported: 1/23/2008 7:27:39 PM 19:27
Posted: 2/14/2008
Location: Chicago, IL
Shape: Diamond
Duration:2 minutes
Bright light seen over the city of Chicago.

My boyfriend and I live just south of downtown Chicago, about a block east of the lake. Last night I was sitting out on our fire escape between 6 and 6:30 PM. I looked out to the north and in the distance saw a bright white light resembling a giant star moving straight up into the sky. After watching in for a few seconds I called my boyfriend out to show him what I was seeing.

Being a skeptic he was more amazed than I was about the light in the sky.

We also saw commercial airplanes around the craft and they looked tiny in comparison, as did the stars visible in the sky. It was moving relatively quickly and now moving towards us.

As it got closer it appeared possible that there were two curved wings coming off of the flying craft.

We watched it until it disappeared behind our 11-story apartment building.

There was no sound we could hear coming from it.