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Occurred : 2/22/2008 01:30 (Entered as : 02/22/08 01:30)
Reported: 2/25/2008 6:31:58 AM 06:31
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Kimbolton, OH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:45 seconds

Friday night I got up at 1:30am to let the dogs out. The snow is pretty deep and I was facing the woods. I see a sphere of light floating about 6 feet off the ground, about 32 yards away floating smoothly east to west without bobbing and in a straight line. It was silent. I could clearly see there was no person there, only this golden light. If someone was there with a light I would've seen him or her that close in the bright snow. There was no traffic or reflection, it was glowing a golden color and a little smaller than a basketball size. It was a little bright than a truck headlight. It moved faster than a person could walk. I walked to the exact spot where it was and there was no tracks at all in the snow. There was a very strong odor in the air, like a natural gas well was left uncapped, but the nearest gas well was capped and buried years ago and I never smelled a gas odor since it was capped. We don't have any natural gas for heat, only electric. It was so strong I lost my breath and had to go back inside quickly. The dogs had no reaction whatsoever, they did their business and came back in without barking. The next day the gas odor was gone and there still were no tracks in the snow where I saw the light. The woods are too dense in that area for a person to walk through so only rabbits and birds can go through it. This the 2nd such incident in the same area.