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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/30/2007 20:00 (Entered as : last year 20:00)
Reported: 2/28/2008 11:22:20 PM 23:22
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Waterford, PA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:4 minutes
my grandmother reported seeing a silver cigar shaped flying object over her country home...

I am a grandson of my grandmothers. I don't ((fool)) around, and i'm not one for wasting my time on time consuming websites like this one here. Anyhow... my grandmother is very religous and doesnt believe in hokus pokus ufo's nor aliens, or whatever the hell propaganda spotting of ufo's people of the world conjure.

On the other hand i do, but im not one to let my mind run off in a frenzy over the thought, that hey, maybe we're not the only ones around. I believe in energy, positive and negative...

im not religous in any aspect, i only believe in what i believe, which is energy, and what is plasma, im liviing now and it is good, and if i die tomorrow, then oh well, as i must have served my purpose, we all die eventually, so death to me is just a new birth, a breakdown of molecules: evaporating, condesating, and mixing to form another form of some other kind of form: elements of the universe, something i think scientist's will never grasp, nor understand. I'm not trying to sound nuts, I just go deep, and i don't care what anyone thinks.

But last summer of 2007, my fiance and I went to visit my grandmother, like we do every sunday. It was late, like 7:30- 8, im pretty sure but dont take my word for it. She was in the kitchen, drinking coffee, we were there for about forty-five minutes and she said oh man! did I tell you... I took ((child's name deleted)) (who was only a year old at the time) outside to show her the stars when she pointed up and made a noise. She said (grandmother):There was this long silver cigar-shaped thing floating over the house, and it was moving very,very slow, and I stood out there for not even five minutes, when it disappeared over the tree lines. I got excited... and every now and then I think about that, so thats why I jumped online to try and figure this out or get some answers:spite of curiousity...

I've always been into the stars because it fascinates myself, i always wonder what might be out there, i've always felt trapped here on earth, and if i was filthy rich, id probab ly build something, to get away and to see the beautiful outside, even if i starved to death on my way to everywhere, at least i would die with a glimps of what i always have wanted to venture on into. Im not crazy, im just passionate, and i express my passion when i speak, or write, like ive just done. So you can take this as a complete hoax, and ill probably take u guys as complete assholes, seriously. U should check this out. If u want me to leave my name, and my grandmothers name and address, fine. that'll be no problem with me. Oh, for information, just so u know: she lives on 64 acres of land, i guess she lives in the valley of a small "moutain" or a really big hill, anyhow she's above sea level, compared to the actual city of erie. And on another note: When my mother was a little girl, maybe 5- or 6, her and her sister dissapeared into those woods, from the beginning of daylight to the dropping of it, my grandparents found them sitting talking into the air, to themselves. till this day my mom will tell you, that there was a large rock like thing floating right above the ground, and they were talking to eat, having a conversation with it, but she doesnt remember what it was about. to break this down even further: my mom is 46 years old now, and she's very cool, she's into these crystals or whatever the hell they are, her plants, and she's very spiritual on an energynote. her husbands an electrical engineer at g.e., and when it comes to those kind of things, he thinks shes pretty much nuts. you'll have to get ahold of her. like face to face. it's interesting. anyhow, i think ive said entirely way to much. so how the hell do i get ahold of you people, if a... i cant leave any info. about anyone, or myself? whats up with that? oh, and im not a treky or whatever the hell u call those freaks. im just a normal dude who thinks to! much.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD))