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Occurred : 2/27/2008 19:10 (Entered as : 02/27/08 19:10)
Reported: 3/1/2008 7:13:21 AM 07:13
Posted: 3/4/2008
Location: Coral Springs, FL
Shape: Circle
Duration:4 minutes
moving stars in the early night

7:10pm I was taking my son to the supermarket and as I always do I point up at the stars to him like planet Mars and Jupiter. I am an avid sky watcher so I know quite a bit about the night sky. I reguarly read Astronomy magazine and know what I am looking at and what to look for more than most.

clear night with nothing blocking a nice view of the stars and planets and satalites above. I know a satalite when I see one as the spin and reflect the light of the sun as they go accross the sky. I know the space station as I point it out to my son early morning.

This is what my wife, my son and I saw:

As I was pointing out the most visible of objects in the night sky like Mars we focused all of our attention on Mars it is clear as can be also very bright and red. It was not moving at all as planets only can move as fast as the earth can spin. Mars is what we really knew we were looking at.

Until it began to move in an od fassion from above to the North first slow almost un-noticable then abruptly it began an Easterly path for about 15 seconds slowly then rapidly began a southerly path before moving West then East again.

This is od very od planets, stars, satalites and Earthly airborn objects do not as we know yet move in this fassion yet. The altitude of tje object apeared to be high so high it was mistaken orriginaly for Mars. We all know Mars doesnt move from a stationary position above head directly to the North, East, South then West then East again. The movement from each direction was abrupt and smooth with a clear scense of thought behind each action. Nothing in nature can cause stars to move like this, planets or even satalite to move like this.

Again the motion was stationary directly overhead 30 seconds for argument sake then slow movement to the North 15 seconds then to the East abruptly 15 seconds then to the South abeuptly for 15 seconds then to the West abruptly foe 15 seconds then to the East again abruptly for 1 minute.

This one minute East path was the final direction of the object after that 1 minute East the object began to speed up first slowly picked up speed then faster and then faster then even faster appearing to move East and get higher in altitude until disapearing before our eyes not over the horizon but up up and out of sight. No clouds to hide behind no other thing up in the sky to mistake it for.

This is what I saw my wife saw and my son who is very young saw. But my wife and I are skepticle about UFO's due to the great distances needed to traverse in space-time. This leads me to believe that what we saw was extraterestrial in its nature.

Since then I have kept my head up and looking and again the very next evening at 8:45 I looked at my watch first then to the sky and saw a simmilar object, this time same type of object as far as brightness and size was moving north for 30-40 seconds before moving West then speeding off West and increasing altitude and disapearing into the clear night.

Again the following night I look upward at around 9:15 and see a much brighter object as seen the two previous evenings. This object was 10 times the luminosity also same type of motion just brighter.

Exactly the 3rd sighting goes like this I come home park the car and exit the vehicle. I look up to admire the stars and I see clear as day a bright planet but this night it apears to have the luminosity of ten versus the previous two evenings this 3rd time the motion from up above to the north increasing altitude until disapearing.

Note none of the sightings did the objects disapear over the horizon rather disapeared into a higher altitude vanishing. No sound ever.

And again I am an avid sky watcher and know what I am looking at and what for. This is what leads my skepticle mind to believe what I have been seing for three nights to be a clear ET Event.

I do think again if I look up I will see again soething that others with fancy equipment could video tape and verify.

I am an educated sky watcher and a skeptic due to the fantastic distances.

Make note of what I have seen please as the next person to see what I've seem won't think they are crazy.

thank you kindly.