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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/1/1963 (Entered as : 1963)
Reported: 3/12/2008 1:36:27 AM 01:36
Posted: 3/31/2008
Location: Houston, TX
Shape: Unknown

I was 3 years old and riding a tricycle in Apartment building with a pool not quit in its center when I felt something pulling me to the swimming pool.

I got off my small three wheeled bike and walked over to the pools edge and crawled out to the end of the diving board. Again something was guiding me to look down into the pool.

It was then that I first found myself just inches from the leaves at the bottom of the pool, and while I was looking at them gently swaying back and fourth, it gave me a feeling of calm and peace. and then all at once, I was flying over a city, and could feel vast amounts of information flowing into my being, not my mind.

At the time my mother had come out looking for me but did not see me, and after some time had past, I was back on the edge of the diving board. Where my mother had come running out and was yelling at me to get off of the diving board. I remember her also yelling at me and asking me where did I go. After this event I had moments of black and lost time, sometimes I could remember things.

I've spent my hole life looking at this event in every way that I can, and I cannot find one way that would tell me that it did not happen.

((NUFORC Note: We have no way of knowing whether this report is, in any way, related to UFO activity. We post it, nevertheless. PD))