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Occurred : 3/25/2008 20:30 (Entered as : 03/25/08)
Reported: 3/25/2008 7:31:46 PM 19:31
Posted: 3/31/2008
Location: Rayne, LA
Shape: Light
Duration:30 min.
Seven star like objects!

We were out looking for the space station, which was scheduled to be seen over our town at about 8:30 pm.

We saw the space station pass and were about to go back in the house when we noticed a star like object moving across the sky from west to east, we were, like whats that, a sattelite is moving also?

Then another one passed, and another, I thought,"what the hell is going on", there were 7 total that passed after the space station, 6 of them from west to east, and one from east to north west!

I know it wasn't planes, there were no blinking lights, just looked like flying stars, moving really fast! Then there were three planes flying by, one plane seem to be chasing the third object! Can you explain this?