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Occurred : 3/26/2007 21:05 (Entered as : 03/26/07 21:05)
Reported: 3/27/2008 3:57:23 PM 15:57
Posted: 3/31/2008
Location: Phoenix Area, AZ
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:a ew seconds
Spotted over Phoenix AZ

Last night, 26 Mar 2008, I spotted something that I think you would be interested in. I live in the west valley of Phoenix Arizona and at 9:05 PM my dog wanted to go outside in the back yard to relieve himself. Since nights are nice this time of year I went out with him. I was looking to the west checking out Orion with my naked eyes (no telescope) when I noticed what I thought was a star to the south/southeast of Orion that shouldn’t be there. I like looking at the stars because it relaxes me, so I know which stars should be where even if I don’t know there names. That star started out to be dull but you could still see it. Then I noticed it moving. I could tell it was high up in what I thought was the atmosphere. It was moving down towards Earth at about an (if you figure a 180 degree angle is straight up and down) the thing was moving from a westerly position to an slight easterly position at about an angle of 150 degrees. Picture it moving almost straight down but with a slight angle as you look up at it. I seen the thing actually hit the Earths atmosphere and it became a bright white object for about a second, still moving in the exact same direction and angle. Then there was a big really bright burst of white light. Picture being in a dark room and someone using there flash on a camera and that’s how bright the light was. This flash lasted for around two seconds. It was like this thing exploded. Instantly I thought it was a meteor and that was that. But, I saw an object come out of the light in that two seconds and I saw this object make a very sharp turn and headed off to the north. This thing wasn’t loosing in height. That’s a right angle turn from where it was originally heading. The object I saw had to be a hugh object for me to be able to see it so far up in the atmosphere. This thing had no lights and no means of propulsion that I could see. But I could see it because it was glowing red hot. If you turn on an electric stove burner to high, wait until it gets real hot and! then tu rn off the lights, then turn off the burner, that’s how it was glowing. And just like the burner you could see it cooling down. There wasn’t any fire, or fire trail like a meteor, just the glow. It wasn’t burning. I was able to watch this thing for about five seconds after it made that turn. I could see it passing in front of stars and blacking them out. It was moving really fast. After about five seconds it cooled down so much that I lost it. This thing wasn’t falling like a meteor should be doing. It was flying due north like it was under some sort of power. From observing the glow I could tell the thing was (and I hesitate to use this term) cigar shaped except the rear end was more pronounced then the front end so I suspect it was larger in the back then the front. I haven’t heard of anyone else seeing this thing and I haven’t even told my family about it yet but I have no reason to make this up. Something came into earths atmosphere list night that I believe wasn’t from Earth and it wasn’t a meteor. What do you think? Has anyone else brought this to your attention?

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Sirius…or a hoax?? PD))