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Occurred : 6/1/1975 20:30 (Entered as : 6/1/75 20:30)
Reported: 5/2/2008 4:11:29 AM 04:11
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Kenmore, NY
Shape: Oval
Duration:45 seconds
My UFO most likely same seen in Kenmore NY June 1, 1975 listed on your site alot like lake erie ufo. I have since purchased 19 Tremaine

A map of Kenmore NY. would be helpful here. When I was a boy my, friend and I saw a UFO on Tremaine Ave. in Kenmore NY. I have always told persons about my experience and one day surfing the web I decided to see if anyone else had seen any UFO’s in my home town. I came across a report dated June 1, 1975. When I read the report I now believe with a high degree of certainty that the craft that was seen by the man on Keller and his mother was the same craft that my friend and I saw. Here is my reasoning.

1. Although I do not remember the exact date, I knew it was summer because I remember wearing shorts (big deal for Buffalo! :)). He listed June 1, 1975.

2. Keller is only a few blocks away from Tremaine, in his report, he said he observed the object from a second story window on Keller in the direction of Kenmore Ave.

3. He says approximately 200 feet high, again the object I observed was low indeed.

4. 8:30 PM also sounds correct because I had to be home by 9:00 PM in those days.

5. Kenmore Ave. is two blocks away from Tremaine and is consistent with the direction of the Keller observer. If you were on Keller, One would be looking toward that general area.

6. Also the color, blue, and shape of the object basically round are consistent with the object I saw.

Here is my account of what I believe were one in the same craft on that night. My friend and I were walking to my house which was the house next door to his. I was looking down and he was obviously looking up when he said, “Hey, ‘name’, what is THAT!” with strong emphasis on the “that”. We were directly in the middle of the first block on Tremaine Ave nearest Delaware Ave, two blocks from Kenmore Ave. The object was incredibly bright, yet it did not seem to give off any light in the conventional sense you would expect an object as bright as this to illuminate houses or something. Trying to describe the color as blue is generally correct however the objects coloration was a series of other colors that flashed with white and reds and many hues in-between, although, mostly a deep blue. The object was directly over a neighbors house about 30 feet. I remember thinking that a kid with a good “arm” could have hit it with a baseball. The object began as a more solid blue color and then intensified in colors of pulsating blues and other hue’s(flashing, query Lake Erie ufo's on UTube). It moved in the direction of Kenmore Ave very slowly. I would say the size of the object may have been about the size of a bus, however judging size was problematic since it was so bright only its general circular/oval shape was discernable. It was like looking at a bright blue flashing strobe through a toilet paper tube, essentially it looked like a pulsating blue hole in the sky on a blue grey background. The object then moved slowly toward Delaware and Kenmore Ave intersection. After it moved out of site, my friend and I rushed in my house and told my parents. We then made some drawings of it. I do not have the drawings anymore.

BTW, if you check out the Lake Erie UFO’s on UTube that would be essentially what I saw, but I saw it at point blank range. Those objects pulse in exactly the same manner as the one that I saw. As a side note, has anyone thought to do any simple patter matching algorithms on those pulsating objects? Experts always analyze their colors but never the patterns it seems. There are many character sets, or alphanumeric encodings that may show that the objects possess intelligence or are trying to communicate. Such as maybe listing primes or the Fibonacci series?