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Occurred : 11/27/1988 21:00 (Entered as : 11/27/88 21:00)
Reported: 5/2/2008 12:09:36 PM 12:09
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Alamogordo, NM
Shape: Light
Duration:15-20 minutes
saw 5 objects doing amazing manuevers for 20 minutes


My name is ((name deleted)), a desert storm veteran and a 12 yr USAF veteran. I want to make this report just to do my part so we can someday find out the truth.

My incident happened on Thanksgiving in 88 or 89. I’m not really sure of the actual year, however, I am 100% certain of the day and of what I experienced. I would like to add that at that time I was assigned to a Special Ops unit in the USAF out of Frankfurt Germany and I was just visiting my in-laws for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

My father in law and I went fishing up in the mountains of Alamogordo, NM on Thanksgiving. We fished Silver lake all day and were suppose to come home early for dinner, but decided to stay late since the trout were biting pretty good that day. By time we were on our way back home to Alamogordo, it was dark, however, it was a very clear night with no clouds or overcast. We’re driving up and down hills coming from the mountains. Alamorgodo, NM is home to Holliman AFB and next to the White sands missile range. Also, this little city is based at the bottom of the mountain range and it is pretty flat down in the basin where the city sits.

Anyway, as we are going up and down hills, we finally get the part of the trip, where you can actually see the entire basin, the city and a little past the city, there are two large Mountains or very large Hills (they are the only two large landmarks on the other side), which are located behind the city from where we were coming from. As we are driving I started looking at the two mountains ahead of us and I noticed some lights by them. As I started watching them fascinated by the brightness of them, I noticed that there were three lights and they were moving in odd ways. One would go up vertically, then speed off at a 45 degree angle behind the mountain, then it would speed back in front of the mountain. Then soon, 2 more lights joined them. I would describe them as bright white spheres. Anyway, these 5 spheres or lights, were just doing the most unimaginable maneuvers in front of these two mountains. I watched them for about 3 minutes to make sure I was not seeing things and finally told my father in law about them. He started watching them as well and after a couple of minutes, he stated what the hell is that? We watched them for over 15 minutes and the entire time they were flying, hovering, speeding from point to point and even at times disappearing and reappearing on the other side of the mountains.

I must state that I worked on the flight-line a lot, during the day and night and am very familiar with aircraft lights, at night, during the day and have a lot of experience working at night on the flight line. I can tell an aircraft or a helicopter with no problem. I must also state that during my assignment in special ops, our unit worked closely with Navy Seabees, 82nd Airborne, USAF special forces (Combat Control Teams) and even had the opportunity to support Delta force. Our unit covered all of Africa, Europe and the Middle East, so any missions, wars, conflicts or humanitarian efforts in those theaters, we covered and supported via the flight-line, during day, night, snow, sun etc..

Getting back to my incident. I guess it’s hard for me to describe exactly what the 5 spheres were doing except by saying they were kinda of doing a star shaped pattern next to the mountains. Also, I could not make out the details of the mountains, but I could see two huge dark silhouettes of the mountains. These spheres were disappearing behind it then reappearing when they got to the other side. It would take them maybe 1 or 2 seconds to go from the 1 o’clock of the mountains to the 7 o’clock position, then streak across the mountains again to the 3 o’clock position. Etc. If you draw a star with your pencil, that is exactly what they were doing.

I tried to draw a diagram below, with the mountains being the black and the patterns of these ORBS in red. Please understand, that these crafts or lights, were disappearing behind the mountains and sometimes flying in front of the mountains, so I could see very well that they were in close proximity of those hills, where they could fly behind them and in front of them. These things were extremely fast and their maneuvers were unbelievable. I have flown on a lot of military planes and helicopters, I have been to many air shows, and as stated earlier have worked on the flight-line extensively. So I have seen most USAF aircraft, F15, F16, A10, F18, B1 bomber, B2 bomber, etc T38, KC 135, C130, C5, C141, etc, etc, I am very familiar with those aircrafts and what they look like and what they can do.

In conclusion, either I witnessed a new secret aircraft being tested that we have no knowledge about or I saw a UFO (I’m not saying flying saucer), just unidentified. This incident has stayed with me for a long time and to this day, I cannot imagine any aircraft doing those maneuvers. These things were super super fast, agile and could stop on a dime. As stated they would fly in front and the back of the two mountains so I could see them moving, speeding, disappearing, reappearing and hovering.

I guess we could have been maybe 5-10 miles away. I could clearly see the silhouttes of the mountains and could see these things fly in front and in back of the mountains. We were close to whitesands testing facilities, so either new technology or the dreaded word UFO. I also am very aware of the SR71 and the fact that it was activated n 1964 or 68 and as an active duty member, we really didn’t start seeing pictures of it till about 84 so they kept that out of the public eye for a long time. These things were not conventional aircrafts. I currently work for the DOD as a logistician.

Thank you for your time.

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that date of the event is approximate. PD))