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Occurred : 5/3/2008 01:40 (Entered as : 05/03/08 1:40)
Reported: 5/3/2008 4:26:19 AM 04:26
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Los Angeles (downtown), CA
Shape: Oval
Duration:1.5-2 minutes
Oval-shaped, metallic object w/ 2 bright lights pointing down spotted over Downtown LA; disappeared in 1 second.

I was on the Golden State Freeway (I-5) in Los Angeles, CA heading northbound at approximately 1:40 a.m. on Saturday, 03 May 2008. The temperature was 59 degrees Fahrenheit; clear skies; 58% humidity; visibility 10 miles ( At the 101/I-5 junction in Downtown Los Angeles, I noticed a bright light near the Downtown LA skyline. As I connected to the 101 freeway junction heading toward the light, I noticed that the light was in fact two (2) lights pointing down. At first, I believed it to be a police helicopter; however, it appeared to be “locked” in the same spot, too steady to be hovering. The almost-golden colored lights were large and close together; reminiscent of heating lights used to keep food warm at a buffet restaurant. Noticing that there were no vehicles behind me nor ahead of me, I proceeded to slow down to 30 miles per hour (I was initially traveling at 65 mph); at which point I was observing the object above my vehicle slightly to the left, allowing me to see it without the roof of my vehicle obstructing my view. The object appeared to be at about 700-800 feet in mid-air.

The shape of the object as viewed from directly underneath resembled the shape of a human eye; almost that of a football. The lights were pointing down and were definitely not police helicopter lights (of which there is only one per craft; usually unstable and blue-white/halogen type). Combined, the two lights took up an estimated 70% of the shape in which they were contained.

The object did not produce any visual/audible means of propulsion. Its surface did not display any flashing lights, such as those of a police helicopter (flashing blue and red strobes on the sides) or any conventional aircraft. The surface was dark-metallic. Thin, fine, vertical and horizontal could barely be seen across its dark surface. The top or “side” of the object was not visible, since it was viewed from underneath.

The area in which it was hovering in is assumed to be restricted airspace for airplanes; both private and commercial due to its proximity to the skyscrapers of the downtown district (less than a mile). The nearest airport, Los Angeles International is approximately 15 miles southeast of Downtown LA. Commercial and private airplane routes approaching the Los Angeles Metropolitan area head westbound almost directly above the 105 Freeway, which connects North Orange County/South Los Angeles County to LA International Airport. This busy and well-known airplane route is approximately 10 miles south of Downtown LA. It is also viewable 24 hours a day. Goodyear blimps are known to fly in the area since Dodger Stadium is nearby; however, blimps are not known to display large, exceedingly bright lights. The object observed was definitely not a blimp; it did not glide or appear to exhibit slight movement. Dodger Stadium was not hosting any events that evening.

After reviewing a map of the area, I estimate the object’s position to have been directly above Santa Fe Avenue & 7th Street (near the 7th Street bridge over the LA River) in Downtown LA.

As I was observing the object from my vehicle (window down, traveling at 30 mph); I glanced ahead quickly to make sure my vehicle was on track before I glanced back to observe the object again. This went on for about 45 seconds. As I glanced at the road quickly (about 1 second), I looked back up and the object was gone. The area of sight in which I had the object in was large enough for me to track a helicopter or an airplane even at high speeds. As I circled the Downtown LA area via the 101 junction ramp (first northbound, then northwest bound); I scanned the area for the object; however, it was no longer present.

Background info: I am a 23 year-old male. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from a private, four-year university. I work as a social worker in an adult healthcare center in Los Angeles. I also volunteer as a therapist at a mental health clinic. I have no history of physiological and/or mental health illnesses.