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Occurred : 3/14/2005 22:30 (Entered as : 03/14/05 22:30)
Reported: 5/14/2008 12:22:36 PM 12:22
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Miami, FL
Shape: Light
Duration:15 seconds
About 6 lights forming one solid light then pulling apart from each other in every direction.

We had just finished a softball game at a park in Miami. We (a group of atleast 12) were having a conversation about our game. All of a sudden the lights to the park turned off around 11:15pm. We stayed in the front entrance of the eastside of the park. Everything happened about 10-15 minutes after the lights to the park were turned off.

While we were talking we were in a circle formation, the people that were facing south of the park were about 4-5 of us. I yelled at the rest of the group and told them "look". We saw about 6 lights came close to each other forming one solid light for about 5 seconds. Then in a matter of 5-10 seconds the lights moved away, trailing from each other in every direction (going up and down until they dissappeared). About 6 of us saw the same thing from the beginning. The rest of the group only saw when the lights were pulling apart in every direction. Very interesting!@!!!