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Occurred : 5/16/2008 04:30 (Entered as : 05/16/08 4:30)
Reported: 5/17/2008 5:16:30 PM 17:16
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Ramona (near), CA
Shape: Light
Duration:20 Seconds
Large light in the sky in San Diego County, the light turned off while I was watching it and did not reappear;was not a planet.

My friends and I were on our way to Cuyamaca Rancho State park to go hiking early in the morning before our classes began, as we drove through a barren stretch of highway in the rural areas of San Diego County, I looked out the front window at what I believed to be a planet. The object was not twinkling which made me believe it was perhaps a planet, the object was extremely bright for an astronomical object and the light was of a white/blue color. While I looked at the object, trying to discern what it could be, the light was extinguished, It seemed to me as if some kind of object had come in front of the light, obscuring it. Though it occurred quickly, it seemed as if a dark circular object roughly the same size as the light moved over it, causing the light to be unseen. The night was very clear and cloudless, I looked in the location the light had been and nothing in the air was present that could have blocked it out. Over the next half hour, looked in the same location hoping that it was merely a cloud that passed by abd that the object would return to being visible. The object did not return, there was nothing in the air that could have obscured any astronomical object. I believe there was something flying within our atmosphere that deliberately extinguished this light.