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Occurred : 4/26/2007 18:30 (Entered as : 04/26/07 18:30)
Reported: 6/2/2008 6:34:14 PM 18:34
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Fort Davis, TX
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 minutes
Daylight reporting of a large saucer shaped UFO in West Texas

On April, 26th(Thursday), 2007, a group of four of us were traveling North to Miter Peak in West Texas, on Highway 90 from Alpine, Texas, close to Fort Davis. I did not take down the exact time but it was daytime and about twenty to thirty minutes before sunset. The driver of the van we were in saw the UFO and said, "That is why people believe in UFO's" and then said, "Look at that!" Three of us saw the saucer to shaped UFO that filled the saddle between two mountains to the West. The fourth passenger is visually impaired and could not see the UFO.

The UFO was up off the ground about 100 feet. It was the shape of two symmetrical wide shaped saucers with a small (1/3rd the size of the top side of the saucer) top hat looking top. The sides of the top were vertical and the very top was circular and flat. The coloration was a shade of silver that looked liked machined steel in coloration. There were no other visible markings, windows, lights, or anything else that wwere observable. It was daylight and the sun was shinning down on the top. On the bottom the UFO was dark but distinct against the skyline.

The size of the UFO had to be very large. I am guessing the size of a WWII battleship but perhaps it was smaller. It filled the center of the saddle of two mountains about two miles away.

The driver continued driving while we were trying to figure out what to do. We drove for about a minute with the UFO still in sight and we all began to pull out cell phone cameras. We pulled over and got out of the van but the UFO had moved North about ten miles away in one moment and stopped slightly above the horizon. By the time we took pictures it had moved again only slightly more Easterly direction and another ten miles or so away. The UFO was small but distinctive on the horizon about twenty miles away but could not be distinguished on my cell phone pictures.

I would have made a report of something sooner if I had a good picture of this daylight sighting of a UFO but with all of the news about UFO's in West Texas, I thought it might be a good thing to report. I looked all over the internet to see if any of the pictures of UFO's matched the one we saw but none were the exact symmetrical shape or the top was rounded top where this UFO’s very top was flat. I hope that reporting this helps.

There was a tornado near Fort Davis on April 29, 2007. I doubt this is UFO related but I thought I would report it as well.