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Occurred : 6/7/2008 03:30 (Entered as : 6/7/2008 03:30)
Reported: 6/8/2008 1:25:31 PM 13:25
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Annapolis, MD
Shape: Changing
Duration:1 hour
Hover/Vibrating white lights; emitting beams and dots of light, from 03:30-04:30 6/7/2008 over Annapolis, MD

03:30-04:30 6/7/2008/Annapolis, MD These objects first appear to be a single star- as other stars in the sky . However, I began to notice that the “star” was hovering/vibrating.

With binoculars, I observed two white-lighted objects, one above the other, shaped in opposite fan-shapes. The two lights would work together, one above the other, and, at times, go back together as one.

The two "lights" would hover and vibrate for a moment in an area, swirl a flash of blue light or send a white streak out or flash a white or red dot somewhere on the perimeter. It was as if the two “white lights” were in the center of a larger object. As it would hover, vibrate; send flashes or dots and then move slowly to the next area. The object was always "moving"- meaning vibrating/hovering/flashing. It worked westward. There was no sound. The evening was clear- minimal cloud cover and approx. 75 degrees.

I spent from 3:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. watching from my balcony with small binoculars. I sent a text message to a friend of mine and described it. I attempted to get pictures and video, but the object was too far away and the sky too dark for my camera to be able to record.

During this period, a small plane approached from the north, in a, what seemed, direct path with the object. I observed the plane continue on its flight path, without changing direction, and fly directly "below" the object. (I am a poor judge of distance).

After an hour, the "lights" had moved far enough west that I was unable to see them longer.

I saw a similar object in May. At that time it appeared that the "star" was "hovering and moving" and then suddenly and slowly, the star split into two perpendicular objects. They began to flash a white light independently- first the right, then the left. There was no distinct pattern. There was no sound.

The lights then stayed lit together and the object traveled slowly above the house and away to the east. There was no sound.

I am a single mother of two, have my MBA, and do not drink or do drugs. Having very little time to myself, I enjoy a few quiet moments looking at the stars when I occasionally awaken during the night. I have never seen objects look or behave in this manner previously.