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Occurred : 6/10/2008 (Entered as : 6/10/08)
Reported: 6/11/2008 5:38:01 PM 17:38
Posted: 6/12/2008
Location: Rhinebeck, NY
Shape: Cigar
Duration:10 seconds
A dark cigar or disc descending, stopping and then going straight down.

I was 2/3 over the Kingston Rhinecliff bridge into Dutchess County. As I scanned the horizon I saw to the ESE a craft descending at a shallow angle towards the WSW. It Stopped for a split second and then went straight down behind the treeline of a hill 2 or so miles distant. It appeared to be black or very dark gray and approx 50 or 60 feet in length or diameter(it could have been a disc rather than a cigar shape.

There is very little traffic in that direction at that time of the morning and I doubt anyone else had seen it from the bridge. I'm giving an educated guess that it went down about a mile due East of Rhinebeck, NY.

I drove around for a while looking for it or anyone that may have seen it but no luck.

((NUFORC Note: There is an airport in the vicinity of Rhinebeck, NY, where antique aircraft are based, but we doubt that any of them look like cigars. PD))