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Occurred : 6/7/2008 22:00 (Entered as : 06/07/08 22:00)
Reported: 6/14/2008 12:41:09 PM 12:41
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA
Shape: Other
Duration:thirty minutes (approx)
Bishop's peak visitor?

This was a strange, scary evening.

My friend and I were driving up foothill from los osos valley road, to go get frozen yogurt late at night. We were on our way back down foothill after getting the yogurt and I looked up at Bishop's Peak mountain. It was approximately ten p.m. and a quarter the way up from the top was a round formation of bluish white lights.

Some of these lights were very dim and some got brighter and dimmer and dissapeared. It looked as though they were all connected somehow, and I freaked out and told my friend to pull over somewhere.

We got into a parking lot and parked under a tree, and then both got out of the car. We walked up to a fence and stood there looking very carefully at these lights and we noticed the lights had moved to the top of the mountain. I believe it was aware we had our eyes on it, and my legs started shaking uncontrollably, and my eyes watered.

My friend and I were gripping eachothers arm asking if what we were seeing was a ufo. I waved at the lights, and two lights got very bright, within the string of lights.

My friend didn't want to stay very long, and he was having a hard time believing what he was seeing. I threw down my yogurt and we ran into his car, and drove back to our friends house.

I noticed my cell phone died, even though it was fully charged. So I called my best friend, who has seen a ufo in los osos with me before, and I picked her up from her house, about 5 minutes away and drove back to the mountain, and parked in the same place my other friend and I were.

The object was not on the top any more, but it was more to the right of the mountain, again, a quarter the way down from the top. This mountain has lots of big boulders on the top, so I dont know if it was hovering or if it was landed somehow, the darkness made it only possible for us to see anywhere between 3-10 or so lights.

As I said, the lights continually changed their brightness, and this object moved VERY very different to anything I've seen. It seemed like it was a row! of lights at some times, and other times it was round.

When it moved it spread the lights out and then they got closer together as it slowed. Almost snake-like.

I didn't post the sighting right after it happened because I myself, never ever expected to see anything of this nature so close to home, let alone right in front of me and two other witnesses.


I'm going to find a picture of Bishops peak and use my paint program to illustrate what i saw.