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Occurred : 6/14/2008 00:24 (Entered as : 14/06/08 00:24)
Reported: 6/14/2008 2:12:27 PM 14:12
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Waco, TX
Shape: Other
Three different single-color lights, red, green, and blue, each flashed once in the pattern of an opening Japanese-style fan.

The object appeared just above the trees at my apartment complex. I was facing north. It brightly flashed three lights, one after the other, each in the shape of Japanese-style fans rapidly opening.

The lights were green, blue, and red, but I do not remember which order they flashed in. They flashed only once, then disappeared. They seemed very close - maybe twenty yards away from me.

I am a skeptic, and do not believe in extraterrestrial visitation here on earth, but maybe this information will be useful to you.

I am a college student with a strong background in science, military hardware, and UFO/extraterrestrial debunking.

This incident does not fit anything I know of either man-made or natural, nor does it fit any description of UFOs which I have ever heard.

Best of luck.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))