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Occurred : 6/7/2008 23:00 (Entered as : 06/04/08 23:00)
Reported: 6/16/2008 9:03:19 PM 21:03
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Antioch Community, SC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:not certain
06/07/08- Triangle- a couple of hours- at night- lost time- were positioned wrong in car when we woke up

Report of UFO Sighting 06/07/08 around 23:00 Hours On the night of June 7th around 23:00 hours my wife and I were returning from some friends house where we had been watching movies, NOT UFO related in any shape, form or manner), no alcohol or any other mind altering substance was used at any time while we were with them. It was a fairly warm night with a few scattered clouds in the sky. The moon seemed to be very bright and since we live way out in the country no traffic was on the road.

We were discussing one of the movies when my wife said, "Look at that, what in the world is that?"

I should add at this time that I am a licensed Pilot with both fixed and rotor wing tickets along with an A & P Mechanics License. I have worked in the aviation field since my 2nd tour of Vietnam in 1969 where I was a Door Gunner and later promoted to Crew Chief on UH-1H Huey Helicopters. My wife has worked at the airport for over 25 years in the main terminal. We both have 4 year degrees and very good vision. We are not quick to jump to conclusions about things we see or hear but this did catch our attention pretty fast.

In answer to her question I had no idea at all of what the aircraft could be. It was dull black with lights in several places around the aircraft that seemed to be windows. There was a purple beacon in the center of the bottom but no position lights or anti collision lights anywhere at all that we could see. I thought for a moment that it might be a B-2 Bomber but then I realized that the aircraft was making no noise at all and after "zooming" up to us it stopped right over our vehicle. Our windows were rolled down and the moon roof was open as the night felt so good.

About this time we turned into our private drive and made it up to our house which is about ¼ mile from the main road. This was around 23:20 or so as I remember, my wife agrees with the times that I am putting into this report. The next thing that either of us remembers was being in the car, it was running but my wife was in the driver’s seat and I was in the passengers! Since I am 6’5” and she is 5’7” this posed a problem for me in that my knees were killing me from being forced into the dash.

We closed the windows, the moon roof and turned off all the lights and the radio. After shutting down the car and going into the house we noticed the time, according to our atomic clock, (which is supposedly in tune with the big clock in Colorado), that it was now 02:24 hours???? Where did the time go?? Neither my wife nor I remember anything what so ever after parking the car at our house. We drove straight home from our friends who live about a mile away from us. As I stated before we were not drinking nor were we under any influence that would make us see things that weren’t there and we certainly were not in bad enough shape to spend that long in her car with my knees pushed through the dash board! From what my wife and I remember the aircraft was totally silent, no noise or sound what so ever. It was triangular in shape, very dull black in color from what we could see, with a purple colored beacon type light at the bottom center with lights in various places around it as if they were cabin windows. We never saw anyone, we never heard any sounds, we do not remember what happened to the time that we lost, why we were in different positions in the car and why we were sitting outside our house with all of the windows to include the moon roof open? I did wake up with a headache and my wife felt bad enough to stay in bed for most of the next day.

We hope that this report helps you in some way. We would like to find out what happened to us, why it happened and what we can do about it. Please don’t ask us to go to the Government, any branch of the Government, as we trust the drunks that hang out in the alleys of Gaffney more than anyone from the government!

Thank you for your time and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need more information.