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Occurred : 6/21/2008 20:00 (Entered as : 06/21/08 20:00)
Reported: 6/22/2008 10:05:27 AM 10:05
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: North Hollywood, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:90 seconds
6-21-08 Spherical UFO in North Hollywood CA

Witnessed a spherical object that was a bronze/metallic in color and had a light that seemed to rotate as it was moving through the sky. It was far away and was dusk, and at first I thought it was a balloon but its measured slow movement in a straight line across the evening sky made me feel it was something else, and my girlfriend after asked if that was a balloon, said, "No that’s not a balloon."

It was clear to us that it was a UFO, and possibly some sort of advanced technology. We did not feel scared or anything but it was a peculiar object in the night sky, and something I have never witnessed in all my years.

This occurred in North Hollywood, CA 91606 at approximately 8:00 pm in the evening, just a little south of Victory Blvd.. It was spotted moving from west to east moving from over Bellaire ave. toward Whitsett ave.. Possibly above Erwin street.

A map is below and would e interested if others saw this event.,+ca+91606&ie=UTF-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&resnum=1&ct=title