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Occurred : 6/22/2008 01:00 (Entered as : 22/06/08 01:00)
Reported: 6/23/2008 2:48:31 PM 14:48
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Colchester (UK/England),
Shape: Sphere
Duration:About 4 mins
Bright orange orbe over Colchester England

About 01:00hrs on Sunday 22nd June 2008, I was in my back garden feeding my cat prior to going to bed. I work a varying shift pattern so I am around all hours.

I had just completed the feed and was closing the door to my shed, when my attention was drawn to a bright, light orange coloured, fluorescent type globe moving in what I describe as a relatively slow zigzag movement. It was travelling from the south west to the north east. It was probably no more than 200 feet high and approximately 100 foot north to my location, travelling over the roof tops. The globe from where I was standing only appeared to be about two foot in diameter.

The light from the globe was constant and bright, at this point I was not aware of any other lights. I could not see any other features.

There were no noises of aircraft or ground vehicles at the time.

Having passed near to my location, the globe appeared to move into a straight flight path, continuing north east.

Once the object had passed, I immediately ran upstairs and looked out of the bedroom window. I could still see the object, however it was by now quite some distance away, and it appeared to be moving faster than when I had initially observed it.

I located my binoculars and used them to view the object but I could not identify anything further other than I could now see a steady red light on what I would describe as its left side. I was unable to keep the image steady.

Weather conditions at the time were fine with a light wind. There was a small amount of cloud about. Visibility was very good. I had a clear and unobstructed view of the globe, initially for about two minutes and then through my binoculars again for about one minute.

I have thought about all of the logical things that this could be and I cannot think of anything that would give me an answer.

There are several things that I had to take into consideration.

I have had a long experience of being in and around aircraft, both military and civilian. I have served for 10 years in the Royal Air Force, working in and around various types of military aircraft.

I am currently a Police Officer stationed near to the Air Support Unit from where the police and ambulance service fly their helicopters.

I have a very keen interest in all aircraft and as such I have a flight simulator.

Firstly, I live in a military zone. However, the main military aircraft flying is helicopters, mainly Chinook and Puma. It is highly unusual to have military jets flying in the area. However, it is rare for the military in this area to engage in night time flying. At the height that I witnessed the globe, there would have been engine noise.

Secondly, because of my experience of the police and ambulance helicopters I was able to discount them from my observations. There was no aircraft noise. I have worked with both aircraft on many occasions.

I live relatively near to Stansted Airport (35miles) and the sky is littered with civil aircraft, however, they never fly this low or so close to the houses. I considered that it may have been the landing lights for the aircraft which are sometimes on, but these obviously go out of sight as the aircraft passes. At the time of this incident I did not see any civil aircraft flying.

The globe light remained in view for sometime.

I was unfortunate not to have any photographs and there are no other witnesses that I am aware of.

I have given full and logical thought to all options and I do not consider that this was a low flying aircraft of any description.

As such I have no explanation as to what the flying object was.

I am a sceptic when it comes to UFO’s, however, this was and to me an unexplainable and surreal experience and having discussed the matter with my wife I thought that I would report the matter.