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Occurred : 11/15/1989 10:00 (Entered as : nov1989 10:00)
Reported: 6/27/2008 4:59:07 PM 16:59
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Iver Heath (xbridge.NWL ondon (Thames) (UK/England),
Shape: Other
it looks like smoke no thats a ufo mate.1989.

I was eight coming up nine years old, when me, my mum and dad were going out to see my nan and grandad i always remember because it was late at night and i always like going with my mum and dad when i was eight it was dark and as soon as i walked out door off the house with my mum and dad i was excited to go and see nan and grandad because they lived on a caravan site it was brilliant anyway worry set in and i was no longer feeling excited with joy it was now more like panic and a quite frightning feeling, now looking back i was nine and probably had the right to be scared, because the minute me , my mum and dad stepped out of the front door of our house i dont no who saw it first but there was like this salt of swirly thing going on in the sky late at night over the top of the roof the house and by this time we are all stuned for a moment i remember saying whats that up there and i wanted them to say something but they said i dont know i wonder what that is then i mean it wasnt exackly realy screaming out at your but it seem really high up u could see the stars i remember but these were not stars and whilst im looking at them i remember my dad saying its chimney smoke in it, and i remember saying no its not that chimney smoke but i could see what he meant because the ufos we all saw inc mum who just didnt say much about them maybe she just believe in them and probably believes they were aliens crafts or something, anyway i always chatted to my mum and vice versa she never stopped chatting to me but after that she were quite stunned and a bit nervous that night wear as my dad always the funny one tryed to ignore it so i said to him its not chimey smoke its ufos aint it, anyway i dont no who it was but me or someone said thats not smoke thats impossible no one has fire place they got centrl heating systems not coal fires and he said yeah sure enough i mean it was a coucil estate where we lived, so when we ventured to the site in car i thought we my still see it and i remember running to! my mate s caravan trailer at the end of the site and the site was located in the country style invironment i mean it was covered with fields and trees and canals so i knew i could get better view because my street had lots of light so it was hard to look up even though u could see the stars it would be better in darker place to see more clearly anyway even though it was late i knocked on his caravan door i remember he s dad saying whos that because i was outside in dark anyway his caravan door opens right up and i say because i know what i can see so i wasnt worried about how late it is even though it must of been beetween nine at night to about ten thirty that was late to me i didnt want to knock but i could still see these things high up faintly, so i thought they would want to see so anyway they look up and i had to show them because the object were hard to see with naked eye but i had no problem an d now me my mate his dad are all outside there caravan looking up from iver towards uxbridge area at what i can describe as looking just like normal stars i mean they were same size, same brighness, just like a star but fainter but there were three or four wen my mum and dad and me saw them first down our street but now because of the darkness and quiest u could look and study them bettter and there was now 8 or nine and they seemed so high up they looked like stars but i knew they was not because they were flying i presume really fast, well faster than any plane because it would take a plane 2mins to turn, at the speeds these objects were moving they could fly inall different directions but these did circle rings aroun each other then u could see couple more apear outa nowhere it was scary because ive never seen object realy high up i mean they were probably on the edje of atmosphere thinking we couldnt see but they kept flying in rings circles and all sorts of flight movement mostly ciculer paterns similer to olypic ring logo shape they were definately not aeroplaines because no flasing light plus u cant have a ! 14 or so plaines do circles and hoops im sure airlines will not alow that where as these object movedand sort like stars but wen u looked closer and studied u think they look like something out of starwars film u know like the fighter spaceships small in size than the big battle ships it looked like those but really far far away im not meaning to be funny there, that just happens to be best descibe my ufo experience when they went in circle or upside loops they did have like tail of what a football would leav behind it u saw someone hit hit fast u see slight fainty effect behind it, all this happened on a winters night of 1989 in berkshire area.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD))