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Occurred : 6/29/2008 20:15 (Entered as : 06/29/08 20:15)
Reported: 6/30/2008 8:48:41 AM 08:48
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Milton, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:2 hours
During a power outage I heard unusually loud roaring from a nearby naval base and saw a triangular shaped orange craft.

On June 29, 2008 my hometown of Milton, Florida experienced extremely volatile thunderstorms for most of the early morning hours continuing for most of the day. As a result our electricity went out numerous times for a few minutes each until approximately 7:45 pm when it went out for what turned out to be over two hours. My family home is located right next to Whiting Field NAS helicopter training school (check my address on Google Earth - we have the y-shaped driveway) and during the ten years we have lived here we have grown accustomed to seeing and hearing a variety of aircraft on a regular basis. On one occasion a few years ago we had the unexpected pleasure of watching the famous Blue Angels practicing at Whiting for a show on Pensacola Beach. During their practice we only had to stand on our front porch or in the yard to see the spectacular show firsthand, and the planes were flying so low we could even make out the yellow lettering on each plane. We also were privy to the enormous noise of the six jets flying in formation which was VERY loud. On this particular Sunday evening in June, however, we learned that the noise of the Blue Angels paled in comparison to what we heard that night.

At approximately 8:15 that evening my husband and father decided to take a ride toward town to see how extensive the power outage was. As they were leaving I stepped onto the front porch to smoke a cigarette and as they drove down our driveway an extremely loud roaring began emanating from the direction of Whiting Field. At first I simply thought that there was some sort of large jet taking off from there (even though they cannot ordinarily accommodate the largest jets), but the noise continued to increase in volume until our windows began vibrating violently and dishes and glassware began to topple over. This jet-like noise was at least ten times louder than the six Blue Angel jets had been and continued for at least five minutes until it began fading out, but when it ended it did not sound like a regular takeoff.

Immediately after the loud noise subsided we began hearing a large number of varying types of aircraft. My son is a Navy veteran who worked on jets and can easily differentiate between different types of engines and he identified several helicopters, small jets, and even prop planes. Although some of these aircraft sounded familiar to us we all agreed that they were not all the usual training helicopters and planes, plus there was still enough daylight to view them with binoculars and many did not have the distinctive orange and white coloring or the customary lighting. My son said that it sounded like every aircraft on the base had been scrambled, and those in the air did not fly in the same direction they usually do, but maintained a large circular formation.

During this flurry of activity I was looking northeast (Whiting field is west of us) and was stunned to see a bright yellow-orange glow in a vaguely triangular shape. We have a water tower adjoining our property and this gave me some perspective regarding the size of the craft and it was larger than the tower. Due to the power outage it was pitch black outside and we are certain that there could have been no other source of the light, which began to pulse (NOT blink or flicker). This craft flew in a westerly direction for a short distance and then flew straight up very briefly and simply vanished as if the light had switched off, but it never made any noise at all. The other aircraft continued to fly over many times until the power came back on around 10:00 pm and shortly thereafter ceased completely.

In addition to my son and me, other witnesses included my other son and my mother, and when they returned my husband and father informed us that they had also heard the noise and thought they saw something in the sky that was not typical of the aircraft we usually see. My older son and I were the only ones outside who witnessed the actual orange colored craft. Due to the extreme volume of the roar that preceded the extraordinary flurry of aircraft taking off from Whiting Field we were all terrified of what was happening. It is so unusual to see aircraft that late at night, and we simply could not imagine what was causing all the commotion. The timing in relation to the storm and power outage also was very unsettling – it started right after the power went out and ended right after the power came back on. Of course the base has its own sources of power, so we were perplexed about why this event would coincide with a neighborhood outage. The next morning I was unable to find any reference to this event when I checked the regular internet news websites for our area, both newspaper and television. I even called the local paper and the administration offices of Whiting field. The Pensacola News Journal had no reports of anything unusual other than storm damage and the gentleman I spoke with on the base said he had no reports of anything out of the ordinary either. This was a little hard to swallow.

Due to the fact that some members of our family, especially my husband, had seen unexplained events before in and around Pensacola, my family insisted that I report what happened although we had never felt compelled to do so before. If your organization is able to find out what may or may not have happened we would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps I haven’t waited long enough to give others time to report it locally, but I suspect there may be no other reports because no one here will take me seriously. Any help you can give us in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.