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Occurred : 7/1/2008 04:10 (Entered as : 07/01/08 04:10)
Reported: 7/4/2008 3:12:26 AM 03:12
Posted: 7/5/2008
Location: Twisp, WA
Shape: Oval
Duration:25-30 seconds
2 lights heading north suddenly shifted direction due east, traveling 20 miles in as many seconds revealing a massive, visible oval UFO

At 04:10 hour, on July 1, 2008, I was traveling west by automobile, on Washington State Highway 20. I was about one and a half miles east of the 4,020 ft. elevation summit of Loup Loup Pass. I was approaching milepost 216 when I noticed a fiery object and two distinct, very bright lights leaving a gaseous trail in the pre-dawn sky through the dark, top of the forest canopy and then into the open, pale blue, dawn sky. The 2 distinct lights and the bright, fiery, gaseous trail that followed were headed due north over the Methow Valley as I watched while taking my foot from the accelerator peddle to begin slowing down as I approached a curve in the highway. I initially thought it must be a meteor or shooting star but I realized it was on an upward arc from Earth and going against gravitational pull. This fact immediately aroused my curiosity and suspicion as to what I was witnessing in the sky above myself. While trying to maintain visual contact with the lights in the sky, I began applying the brakes to my vehicle and quickly pulled over to the shoulder of the highway and came to a stop. I shut off the engine before I had come to a full stop and proceeded to exit the vehicle on to the highway while still keeping my attention fixed on the 2 lights to the west. As I stepped out of my vehicle, the 2 lights I was watching became very bright and shifted their course due east, towards myself. The bright, gaseous trail disappeared with the sudden, smooth change in direction from due north to due east, but the two lights became much brighter as the direction of travel shifted. The two lights also went from trailing one another while traveling northward to changing positions with one light being on top of the other while they began tracking to the east. As the lights began coming eastward, towards myself, I noticed they were contained inside a visible oval shape that revealed itself against the pale blue dawn sky. The shape was a definitive oval, with the previously mentioned lights wit! hin the circumference of said oval shape. The area within the oval shape was transparent, yet it appeared liquid like or "aura" like, compared to the actual sky. This translucent oval shape was approximately one half mile in length and several hundreds of feet in overall height. The original two lights I mentioned earlier were the brightest part of what I saw. The light that was in the vertical position over the other respective light was at the "bow" of the oval UFO while the second light remained in the "stern" position. There were numerous smaller lights attached to or contained within the large, oval, translucent form that silently passed before and above myself and the tree tops in front of myself. The UFO passed east bound over the Loup Loup Ski Area, above myself and the tree tops and then kept traveling towards the towns of Omak and Okanogan, as I watched while standing outside of my vehicle in the center of Highway 20 at milepost 216. I was able to maintain a visual fix on the UFO for a total of 25-30 seconds before it passed out of my sight above the Okanogan forest in the pre-dawn skies on Tuesday, July 1, 2008. There were no audible sounds coming from the UFO. There was heavy thunder and lightning activity in the area before the sighting. The skies were clear at the actual time of the sighting.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness, and we found him to be exceptionally eloquent. We suspect that he is a very capable, and credible, witness. PD))