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Occurred : 7/1/1976 14:00 (Entered as : 07-01-76 14:00)
Reported: 7/6/2008 6:33:37 AM 06:33
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: Grand Chain, IL
Shape: Fireball
Duration:5-10 min ?
UFO near nuclear plant.

I live in Metropolis, Ill. just about 15 miles east of Grand Chain. Let me give you the geography of were we are. Metropolis is the home of a plant that makes R238 or some kind of chemical for nuclear bombs. I beleive they call it "yellowcake." Over the Ohio river (in Kentucky) there is another plant that takes this "yellowcake," and refines it into, well, only the government knows. In other words there is a lot of uranium in this area.

One Sunday myself and two of my friends were on the road between Joppa, Ill, and Grandchain, Ill. This road runs a mile or two north of the Ohio River, but there are places that you can see the river. And this spot was one of those places.

We just passed over the Cache River bridge and was coming on a little rise and curve. My male friend was driving, a female friend was in the passenger seat, and I was in the back seat behind the driver. I've been down that road hundreds of times so I knew to look to the south to get a view of the river.

Something caugh my eye just over the Illinois bank of the river. I'm no good judging heights, but I would say it was 1000 ft. over the trees.Well, I don't care if you believe me or not. I don't want any plubicity.

What it was, was an airplane, I don't know much about planes but I swear to God it looked just like a piper cub, the kind where the wings are on top of the plane. ?? From the very instant I saw the plane I knew somthing was wrong. The windows weren't transparent. The windows looked like it had silver looking tinting, and the plane was not moving at all. It was just setting there.

I don't recall ever saying a word to my friends. As we were moving along the road I kept watching the plane and all the sudden this huge green fireball came down to earth and exploded on the ground 3 times. But made no noise at all. (Now keep in mind that that Kentucky nuclear plant is in sight just across the river).

The wierdest part of this whole thing was right after the explosions (I'll never forget this), I was turning my head around to look foreward I watched my two friends heads turn back foreward at the same time mine did. We never said a word about it just went on down the road like nothing ever happened. It's like we forgot about it.

Even though this happened back in 1976 we never spoke about this to one another. EVER! The female friend of mine died about 4-5 years ago of cancer and we never said a word about it to each other. Every time we were around each other we just, I guess forgot or was blocked from saying anything to each other about it.

But another strange fact is that I can tell other people about what I had saw. But after a few rolling eyes, I thought it best just to keep it to myself.

I'm getting older now and I had to tell someone that may actually believe me. I'm just getting my first computer. And if we were abducted I'm not going to be hypnotized to remember it.

Another funny thing is that I saw a show on ufo's once and they were talking about having small pieces of metal in thier bodies. Well, in 1987 I had surgury on my arm for radial tunnel. The Dr. showed me my x-ray on day and ask what those two pieces of metal were. Smaller than a BB and lodged just above my elbow on my left arm. I have never injured my are in that location.

If you don't believe me, thats fine. I have never heard of a ufo looking like an airplane before either. But I swear this on my Grandma's.

I forgot to mention one thing. There isn't a time I go by there that I don't think about that day. I moved to Texas in 1979 and moved back to Metropolis in 1985. My wife and I went down that road one day and the state of Illinois has bought the same property that thing exploded on and put a resturant right over the spot.

Let me give you my summation of what we went through. [maybe]

(1) If it was a UFO they can transform there crafs to look just like earth planes [because there was no dought in my mind that thing I saw looked like a plane]

(2) Some kind of mind control was used on us or we would have been able to speak to each other about what we had saw.

(3) And it scares me to think I've got some kind of transmitter lodged in my arm.

I'll probably think of more things later that I wish I had said to you but had forgot.

But that's it and that ((deleted--"is true."))

((NUFORC Note: Date may be approximate, although the witness does not indicate that fact. PD))