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Occurred : 7/7/2008 16:30 (Entered as : 07/07/08 16:30)
Reported: 7/10/2008 7:35:29 PM 19:35
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: New Palestine, IN
Shape: Other
Duration:aboout 45 mins
I couldn't believe what we were seeing in daylight. It was a large metallic object that just hovered for over 30 minutes

On Monday, July 7th, I was moving into my dad's house, as I was putting stuff into my room my dad yelled for me and my brother to come outside and look at something. As we came outside to see what he was talking about he pointed. We all just stared, trying to figure out what it was. My first thought, by the weird shape it was, is that it was a kite. It was just hovering, then I realized there was very little wind (pretty much none), so I ran inside to grab the camera so we could get a better look. After trying to get a good look at it, we realized it was too far away for a good picture of it, so my brother ran inside to grab the binoculars. When he was grabbing the binoculars we went into the back to have a better view, without the house in the view. My brother came outside with them and all of us were looking through them in disbelief. We noticed one of our neighbors that lived on the other side of the pond was out fishing, which is a teacher from our community, and asked him if he had noticed it. He responded by saying "yes, but what is it?" He observed for a few minutes then went inside. I suggested calling a news station to report it but they would probably think we are nuts, so we called the local police station to ask if anyone has reported a strange aircraft in the sky. They had told us no and to call the F.F.A., we didn't want to go that far but proceeded to call the local airport, but there was no answer. My dad ended up taking a couple of picture of it to see what we could get out of it. As it started to get dark we had noticed it had changed directions a little and started to shift. When it started to disappear my brother and dad went to go chase after it down one road running east and west and I went to another road a mile away running the same direction so we could try to keep it in eyes sight but it was gone. The funny thing is, is that this was during the daylight, plains were flying lower than it was hovering, and there was nothing in the paper or the news about it. I wou! ldn't sa y i wasn't a believer, but I was a skeptic on things such as U.F.O.s and now seeing what I had saw,and then seeing pictures that had been taken and downloaded on the computer it was obvious the shape it was, was like nothing I had ever seen before, it was extremely quiet, there was no motors or propellers. The best two ways I can describe it, is that one way it looked like a fighter jet nose, then behind where the cockpit would be, it was twisted, then the wings, of whatever it was, was almost in a v shape but not quite, it looked like a piece of metal was crunched up and it came out to be in a crumpled but smooth v shape. It is so hard to explain. The other way I can describe it, it looked like a goose flying, but 10,000 times larger and it definitely appeared to be metallic and had straight lines. I will be keeping my eye on the sky but not to become obsessed about it.