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Occurred : 8/22/1978 20:00 (Entered as : 08/22/1978 20:00)
Reported: 7/13/2008 9:59:51 AM 09:59
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: Langhorne (Bermuda), PA
Shape: Disk
Duration:2 hours plus
Close Encounters of the Bermudian Kind

I am now 54 years old. About to celebrate our 30th wedding aniversary. Yet I will remember this as long as I live, as though it happened yestreday!

Married 8/19/78. arrived in bermuda for honeymoon 8/22/78. We arrived around noon. We stayed at a resort called The Reefs Beach Club. The resort is situated on a [u] shaped cove on a small cliffside. Around 7:30 in the evening we went to dinner. The area where dinner is served sits above the cove beach, about 2 stories up, overlooking the ocean and our room; which was off to the left down a long walkway and from our view appears as though it was situated on a jetty. You could fish from our balcony. It is now sunset and we are having dinner with friends and I notice off to the east what appears to be a helicopter with two big searchlights sweeping the water, out on the horizon. I notice the other guests are seeing this also. I also observed a man in a dark suit,sitting just behind me at a table with a camera and long telephoto lense, snapping away pictures like crazy. He was so out of place; in a suit and alone at a resort. After dinner we were headed to the beach for a walk. The break between the building was just outside our room. We were standing in between; about 30 feet from the water,when suddenly we were lighted up like R.Druyfus at the railroad crossing in close encounters of the third kind! An intensly white spotlight from the helicoprter was shinning on us no less than 100 feet in the air and 100 feet close.I am looking at this for a few seconds as the light starts to dim, I can see the element in the spot light glowing red as a flame inside burnes off, also what appears to be a gas line retracts from the rear of the light with a flame burning from that also.They both retract into the bottom of the copter, So I thought.I look at my wife and exclaim thats no copter; its a flying saucer. I look to my right and the only thing I see is my wife running to our room yelling get away from it. I say come back , its not everyday you see one o! f these, and she yells I do not want them to take me again!Knock me over with a feather,I make note of that but continue to check it out. Its still hovering, about 35 feet in diameter.with a bank of rectanguler windows completly around its upper circumferance, several red lights appeared on its top part but went off when the spotlight did. I now notice all the people upon the balcony where we had dinner.They are screaming and yelling about it and takeing pictures. Flashbulbs going off like at the end off a rock concert. Hey I have one in my hand. A keystone 110 everflash camera ;it does not work ;great, but if I turn it around you use the lense finder as a binoculer.Thats what I did. O my God! I can see two et's to the right of the saucer waving to the people on the balcony I then realize one is to the left and looking straight down at me I now know what it means to have your hair stand on the back of your neck. That thing looked through me,not just at me.The et's were definately the grays as described by others.Those big black eyes. I will never forget them.I then notice the gray that was looking at me turn its head to its left. The saucer then starts to move out over the ocean. It is behind my apartment for a few seconds as I run to my left towards the end of the jetty wall . It is now already 200 yards offshore and riseing. I now hear thunder behind me getting louder and realize the RAF is sending jets after it If only I had a camcorder I would have them both on film at the same time.and just like that they are gone.Its now about 11 pm and we decideto call it a day. We go to sleep and about 4 am My wife wakes me. Wake up,Wake up;they we just here. I said who , she says the space people. I said what? She says someone just laid me down on the bed .I look over and she is on top of the covers I am under. I woke up to see the gray alien at the foot of the bed turn towards me lift his right hand and wave; he them turned and hopped into the air and out our balcony door. I quick jump out of bed to look and of cours! e nothin g is there.That day on the beach we asked others about what they saw and they said we should have been ther the night before as there were dozens of saucers buzzing the island . They thought we under an invasion. This storey is also partially documented in the Bermuda Royal Gazette Newspaper 8/21/78 and 8/22/78 The headline reads close encounters of the bemudian kind. P.S. Also with all of the many pictures ever taken that night, I havenever seen a one posted anywhere!