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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/7/2008 20:07 (Entered as : 7/07/08 20:07)
Reported: 7/18/2008 9:33:38 AM 09:33
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Changing
Duration:20-30 minutes
Sighting through photographs

The first thing I should say is that this craft was not visible by the naked eye.

I was taking photographs on 7/7/08 at approximately 8:07pm of the view from my balcony. The sun was just going down and the moon was visible at one end of the sky and the sun setting behind some mountains on the other side. There was not a cloud in the sky. It was still light out (sea blue sky).

After taking the initial photo I checked it in the review screen (digital camera)and saw that there was an object in the picture that did not appear to have been in the sky at the time I took the picture, or afterwards, when I checked the sky.

I took 4 more photos and the craft is present in 3 of the shots. In the remaining 2 there is a cloud that seems to have "absorbed" the craft. Upon enlarging the photos and examining the details, I found that this almost perfectly circular cloud was present to the lower right of the craft in all of the photos that had the craft in them.

Upon examining the photos in the order they were taken, in the first three, the craft seems to have moved in a v pattern in the sky. Then in the fourth the cloud becomes prominent and the craft is gone. This is more evident in the fifth shot, where the cloud is seen very prominently at the top of the photo as if it was rising upwards.

The following night I took more photographs of the same area and although I did in fact capture this cloud once again, the same craft does not appear to have been present at that time. Although two smaller objects, that were present in the 7/7/08 shots, were in fact visible and were photographed on this day as well. I did visibly see in the sky, which did not move in conjunction with regular star patterns.

Upon enlargement of the 7/7/08 photos, what may be the most clear view of an unknown craft can be seen. It appears to have changed its alignment in all three photos.

In one it appears to be two diamond shaped objects that are connected at some center point. There is a light on each side (almost as if a flame exhaust) that obscures detail of the craft and it is a brilliant white in the center with a almost electric blue peaking at the top and at the bottom.

In the second photograph, the vessel is more prominent and appears to be more like two Isosceles triangles on the sides connected by a tube or cone like center. The lighting on the craft is more of a greenish white on both sides at what would be the base of the triangles, which escalates into a definite electric blue at the tips. the center seems to be reflecting the light from the sides. the final photo (which is actually the second) gives the clearest view of all. It would appear to be two side propulsion elements attached to a main structure in the center. The sides appear to be shaped like the front of a clothes iron with the exact detail of the center is definitely rounded in some way, but is obscured somewhat by the light emanating from the sides. The entire craft has a green glow to it, that seems to come from two dome like elements atop the side structures. They glow the color of a green GE "party bulb"and have an electric blue "aura" above them. i would like to include a website where the pictures have been posted as well as a video I am in the process of making with closeup shots of the craft, however to keep anonymity, I obviously can not. I will check this site more closely to see if there is some way I can link the site to this site or have the link posted.

I have over 1000 photographs of the same area and am diligently examining all them ( I have already found additional images that may contain a similar, or the same object and/or its lighting track.) This is absolutely not lens glare a reflective surface or any other such camera "tricks" that are frequently attributed to such photos. The photos were all taken at 100 ISO which would have required the objects to be remaining relatively still (or moving very slow) due to the shutter speed. Photographs of airplanes moving through the air taken at this setting, will appear as a streak of light in the sky.

I have your e-mail and will submit some photos to add to this report after they have been properly processed.