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Occurred : 7/21/2008 03:18 (Entered as : 07/21/2008 3:18)
Reported: 7/22/2008 3:14:57 PM 15:14
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: Kernersville, NC
Shape: Changing
Duration:18 minutes
Cylinder object morphs to Sphere shape with Amber colored light over Kernersville, NC

On Monday July 21, 2008 at approx. 3:18am, we (my son Dustin, his friend Casey, and me Keith) were watching some late night movies. Our dog, Rusty, alerted me that he needed to be taken outside. It was a very clear night with no clouds and a very bright moon. We all were amazed at how bright the moon was and how far you could see and make out things that you normally cannot see at that time of morning. Upon opening the front door, I saw a bright Amber colored light in the Southwestern sky. Our house sits down in a small valley with a steep hill directly in front of the house. At the top of our road, which is approx. 150 yards away,lies the main road with a row of houses and then another very large valley around 1000 yards behind them. From our house looking up toward the main road, I noticed that the object was hovering about 200 or so feet above the valley. The valley consists of heavy woods, a large lake and several houses. A majority of the valley is wooded and is not heavily populated. Upon standing at the front door and watching the object, it continued to hover in the same area now for approx. 8 minutes.

As the object continued to hover, my son Dustin says he is going to go up to the top of our road for a close look. Once up there, he is overwhelmed by the size of the object and notices that it is Cylinder shaped and the color of gun metal(polished nickle). He notices that the object is much closer to the houses on the main road than we had thought. He also notices that the object is silent, no noise at all and the Amber light stretches the entire length of the object. He also notices that the Amber light is a solid light and though it is very bright, it does night emit a beam out in front of it like a flashlight would or headlights do. What happens next is what really scared him the most. The object, now hovering less that 200 yards from the top of our road changes its shape from Cylinder to Sphere right in front of him. He then takes off running back to the house and literally begs me to shut the door and lock it! While watching it from the front porch, his friend and I had also noticed that it changed shape, but, from our view point, I had thought that the object had just turned instead of changing its shape. Now, instead of us being able to see the light span the entire length of the object, we could only see a small part of the light which made me think that it had turned. But, my sons exact words to me was this: "Dad, it made no noise and was hovering just behind the houses, it changed it's shape from the cylinder to a sphere and the light is now in the center of the sphere". "Please dad, shut the door and lock it...Please!" At this time, I really started writing all of this down because not only had it scared my son, it really made me fear for our safety. His friend at this time had started to cry. I think it was due to just not knowing what it was or feeling threatened. Now, being about 13 minutes the Sphere started to move to the south. We noticed that as it moved to the south, the Amber light now covered the entire object. As it hovered, it slowly began to make a southwestern turn and very slowly began to move away from us. It moved very slowly and the farther it hovered away from us, the smaller the light got. It was completely out of our view/site at appox. 3:36am. We stood on the front porch for several minutes there after and never saw the object again.

As far as our backgrounds, we are your typical family. I, the dad is a 37 year old male and my son is 14 years old and his friend is 14 years old. We have all been skeptics about the very thing that we witnessed Monday morning. While we do not know what it is that we all witnessed, we would like to know exactly what it was. After talking to my son and his friend, they both stated that they wish not to discuss it. I believe that it scared them as much as it upset me.

Overall, the object was about 80ft in length and about 40ft in thickness. It's color was that of polished nickle or at least that it what color it appeared to be under the brightness of the moon. The object had an Amber colored light that spanned the entire length of the object and was positioned in the center. Once it changed it's shape from Cylinder to Sphere, the Sphere was now around 60 to 80 ft in diameter and was completely silent. The Amber colored light was now positioned in the center of the Sphere and totally surrounded the Sphere as it hovered southwest and completely out of our view. It was not seen there after. The entire event lasted approx. 18 minutes. The temp. outside was in the upper 80's and very humid. The moon was very bright and the skies were very clear. A light northern breeze was blowing at the time of the event.