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Occurred : 1/4/2008 19:00 (Entered as : 01/04/08 19:00)
Reported: 8/9/2008 10:43:41 PM 22:43
Posted: 8/12/2008
Location: Houston, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 minutes
Family has had several encounters over years with possible explanations regarding agenda, bovine blood use, and bdellium collection.

You asked me on the phone why I waited so long to report my experiences to anyone. In actuality I have shared my experiences with family members and friends for years, but not until recently did I think that anything that I had to share would be relevant or of any importance or interest to an official UFO investigative or reporting agency.

In recent months there have been several televised reports: UFO Hunters, UFO Files, etc. on television that I have watched that have convinced me to pass on some information that may help. I am not writing for any recognition or monetary gain. However, I am willing to take any type of lie detector test, medical test that you or someone else may want me to submit to, in order to verify any information I am sharing with you now or in the future.

1.) I have been in the medical laboratory field just short of 20 years, so you will be able to appreciate my confusion while I was watching a report on cattle mutilations when a prominent doctor (omitted name per your instruction) said, "I am not aware of that many similarities between bovine blood and human blood." Either this is a doctor I would never want to go to or he was telling a boldfaced lie.

In the laboratory there are several types of automated pieces of equipment to analyze everything from thyroid function to bacterial infections and STD’s. All of these machines need to be calibrated with positive and negative controls, nearly ALL of which are made out of bovine blood, BECAUSE IT IS SO SIMILAR TO HUMAN BLOOD.

While working for one of the top DNA and GENETICS companies in the US, nearly all of our research incorporated the use of bovine blood, because of the similarities.

2.) During one of my dad’s encounters with, for lack of better words, the aliens, he asked them why they were here. The answer he received was that they are here to harvest our planet’s abundant resource of bdellium and its anti-gravitional properties. Do I know anything about bdellium? I haven’t got a clue! But that is the answer my dad got.

He was also convinced that their being here was not a good thing for mankind. He said they had cloaking abilities and that they could be standing right next to you, and you would never know.

I had a first hand experience when I was in the backyard playing catch with a friend of mine. We both saw a bird in mid flight hit what seemed like an invisible wall, make a loud thumping sound, and then it fell dead to the ground.

3.) From watching one of the episodes of UFO Hunter, they had two men who tested with unusually high ck levels. If you have any more information on that, I would appreciate receiving it. I am currently on full disability. I have had cancer four times and am now struggling with a rare endocrine disease, similar to Addison’s, but I am not responding well to treatment.

At some point in my youth I received a straight incision on my backside that I have memories of receiving while surrounded by many “beings”. My dad was there. My mother was not and when I have asked her questions regarding what it is and why I have it, she has no recollection of me ever having an injury there.

At the very least, my body seems unusually prone to sickness.

I have had several encounters over the years, starting with seeing something in the park on my 8th birthday. My brothers and I saw a glowing ball of light hovering in front of the screen door while my parents were in Pittsburgh. My older brother was watching us and we were terrified. All clocks in the house stopped.

We moved from Pa. to Ohio, and things continued. My mom and I were out taking a summer drive and just talking when we saw something flying over us. It went very fast and kept making abrupt changes in direction. We looked for a road to turn around on and when we turned into a drive to do that we were stopped by what looked like military guards that ordered us to stop and get out of there. My mom explained that was exactly what she had intended to do anyway.

As recently as this year I watched a very large whatever go over the house here in Tx. It wasn't like you could see it. It blocked out things as it went overhead. It was totally dark and totally quiet.

There are many more encounters that I could share, but it is not these little incidents that matter. What I felt I needed to share was the info on the bdellium and the bovine blood. If it helps, I am glad. Do I believe we are being visited? Yes. Do I believe we should trust them? No.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD))