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Occurred : 7/27/2008 01:00 (Entered as : 07/27/08 1:00)
Reported: 8/17/2008 12:31:13 AM 00:31
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Fallen Timber Area (Canada), AB
Shape: Light
Duration:10 to 15 sec
Very big bright light moving fast zigg zagged above us making no sound and freaked us out.

We were out camping with another couple in the Fallen Timber area of Alberta about 60 kilometers east of our home in Carstairs (the camp site is located in between Cochrane and Sundre Alberta in the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains, a very nice and secluded, quiet spot) and my wife forgot to pack our lawn chairs so we were sitting around the fire on what was available.. In my case it was the kids wake tube that was left in the camper so I was actually lying back and I happened to look up at the night ski and noticed a very bright that was traveling towards us in a southeast direction. At first I thought is was a plane on approach to Calgary. It was a clear night with many stars and It was a clear night with many stars and the moon visible the moon visible. What was funny about this light though was how it seemed to radiate out in all directions - different than say the lights on a plane because there like a cars headlights (projection style) you can see the beam and its intensity changes as it passes or changes direction. This light was intense and also shined into the blue spectrum and its intensity never changed as it approached, passed over and traveled off so I thought this is not a plane or chopper. I thought as well it may be a satellite, I’ve seen them before but they reflect light and this beamed light and at first seemed too low to be a satellite and traveling to fast to be aircraft. As I said the night was clear and just from its approach and over flight I think we were observing something quite large. When I first saw it I made a comment to the other 3 people that were with me and 2 of them were able to pick it up almost immediately in the night sky and follow its path with me; my friend Darren and his wife Laurie. The other person with us was my wife who had trouble finding it in the night sky.     I believe Laurie watched the object until it went overhead then began to talk with my wife so only Darren and myself followed the light I then leaned over to a tree to steady myse! lf as I just got up from the wake tube and wanted make sure the object was tracking straight because I have looked at stars and other fixed lights at night before and if you are not braced against some thing solid a fixed point can look like its moving. Any how as I leaned against the tree I closed one eye and was watching the light move away from us (still just as bright as it was when approaching or over head) the light zigged to the left approximately 30 to 45 degrees instantly then zagged back onto its original course a second latter. My friend shouted, “did you see that thing zigg zagg” I replied “yes” but was dumbfounded at what I just saw. After the zigg zagg we followed it for another 2 or three seconds and it disappeared behind a tree-covered hill behind us to the southeast that was probably at a 20-degree slope from our site      The thing that was seemed funny afterward was how the experience we were watching gave me the Willies and left me feel kind of unnerved afterward. What I have described occurred on Sunday July 27th 2008 at approximately 1:00 – 1:30 a.m.   I am a 43-year-old equipment supervisor for a Calgary Oil company and my wife is a homemaker, my friend Darren is an industrial mechanic - lead hand in a big oil patch fabrication shop and his wife is a farm girl who raises horses east of Calgary. I have spent many nights working in remote areas all over North America and have never seen any thing like this before. As I said it traveled very fast going from as far as I could see on one horizon to over the hill top horizon in 10 to 12 seconds.