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Occurred : 7/30/2008 22:35 (Entered as : 07/30/08 22:35)
Reported: 8/17/2008 7:12:16 PM 19:12
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Berwick(town) (Canada), NS
Shape: Light
Three glowing orange objects passed over town about five minutes apart.

I am in Berwick, Nova Scotia, which is about 15km from CFB Greenwood, N.S., Canada. Greenwood is in Central Nova Scotia in the center of the Annapolis Valley.

I had just got home from work when I saw an orange object moving in a SE direction. The object was not very high up and not travelling particularly fast---about the speed of a small plane.

I was so concerned that I called CFB Greenwood to report the object thinking it may be something on fire --first time I've ever done such a thing in my life of over 50 years. Shortly after talking with the base operator I witnessed the same object at exactly the same location making a second pass. Both times I watched the object as it disappeared into the night sky toward the ENE which took approximately 20 seconds. Shortly thereafter my neighbor and her son, in his 20s, pulled into their driveway. I asked them if they'd seen anything as they had come in the direction that the objects were travelling toward. As I was trying to explain what I'd just seen, I looked upward and the same object went across the sky in the exact location a third time. (In retrospect--I think I saw three of the same object on the same path). CFB Greenwood called back and ask some questions and sent the RCMP to my house (for whatever reason??). The three objects were seen in a span of about 12-15 minutes.

The object was firey orange and seemed to shimmer a red/orange. There were no flashing lights and no sound despite the fact this was a 100% clear night with no wind. The objects seemed to be about the elevation of planes which pass over our town to land at CFB Greenwood which is about 10km away to the SW--not very high up--approx. 1000-1500feet. The objects were not lttle points of light but a significant size in the night sky.

I am university educated and a former school teacher of 17 years. The object(s) I saw seemed to have a bit of a shimmering effect which at times gave the impression of a burning object yet by the third time I witnessed the object (or objects) I realized it was not flames.

Just to add, I spoke with the young man (early 20's) who, with his mother, witnessed the craft on its third pass (or the third one), He has a very good friend who is a MP (member of military police) at the Greenwood air base. He informed my neighbor that the base received at least 15 calls over a forty mile path that evening. The base person I spoke with told me he had received only one call initially. In my last conversation with them that evening I was told me they had fifteen calls going on but they were not related to a UFO.

What I saw was not any conventional aircraft or flying object I have ever seen.

About one week later a German tourist took this video about 100km SE of where I live. It was quickly explained away as flares dropped by the military. The accompanying story made the front page in our provincial paper.