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Occurred : 8/17/2008 23:00 (Entered as : 08/17/08 23:00)
Reported: 8/18/2008 7:46:09 AM 07:46
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Walden-Newburg, NY
Shape: Circle
Duration:couple hours
Blinking hovering object sighted multiple times

Ok this dates back for all the week of august 12-17. I was at a friend's house who has wide open fields out back (he lives on the edge of town) when i noticed an object in the sky. i figured not to high up maybe 1,500-2000 feet in the air, so i tried to write it off as a stationary object light a light tower or something. Then i noticed it moved. It was round and had one white,yellow,red,blue light on it which appeared to be rotating around it in the center. (the object itself may have been rotating or just the lights i'm not positive) but anyway i figured oh well and went to sleep. The next day went by normal i was at my friends again but there was no light this time. The next day went by and around 10pm you figure when all lights should be on that are stationary or you'd see a star already there was nothing in the sky at my friends field. I walked home around to notice that this object was now over his field again. (i live about two long blocks away and can see the airspace over his field from a big gap in the treeline) and there the object is. Floating and blinking. i wrote it off and slept again. The next night i was in newburg spending the night at a local hospital with my girlfriend who was ill. Again around 11 at night the same object appeared in the sky and about 500ft higher then i and about 800yards out the object floated (note that i was on a top floor and facing the complete opposite direction of walden. It was a very cloudy night which made me notice it. it was far to cloudy to see stars that night so it had to be below the clouds. An airplane showed in the horizon and the object disappeared only to reappear after the plane was gone. the object reappeared and disappeared in the corner of the horizon floating in and out of the clouds. i fell asleep. The next day i had left my friends house(mentioned before) and we checked the lot behind his house before i left (it was around 10:30pm) we all agreed there was no light no nothing there. But on my walk home just as i was walking d! own my r oad the object had appeared, and alot closer this time just over the line of trees across my road it moved or rather how i would put slicked it's way through the air virtually silent in all ways. Well i'm not going to lie here. i'll admidt it. I ran as fast as i could to try and get inside my home it creeped me out. Now i'm not exactly slow and the object was going somewhat slow when it flew over me i ran and by the time i got to my door i looked back to see it in the gapped treeline again. Hovering in my friends field. me and my brother had checked on it ever half hour and we saw it gonig in small circles and move up and down and left and right. again around the same time. I had forgot to mention until now that also during the week at one point all my friends were outside my friends house (the field owner) and we witnessed two of the same objects i had describes flying extremely close and not to low and not to high virtually soundless zipping across the sky. my girlfriend had researched what i saw and came to here so that's why i'm here she pointed out a case in kingston on the 8th of august that sounds very similar to the object i've seen so i made my report here. I plan to further investigate this. i plan to go out in the field at night on my own with a camera of some sort so i can get really close to this hovering object. I hope to provide more proof.