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Occurred : 8/21/2008 20:15 (Entered as : 08/21/2008 20:15)
Reported: 8/21/2008 7:23:18 PM 19:23
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Buffalo, NY
Shape: Circle
Duration:30 mins
UFO seen through Dobsonian scope

Weather Mostly clear. A few very small higher up cumulus clouds, mostly see through.

Air temperature 79° F.

There was an approximate wind of 5.76 mph east.

Visibility 10 miles.

Humidity 44% Dew point 55° F Telescope 10” Zhumell Dobsonian Eyepieces: Main - 2” Zhumell 32mm Wide Field View Lens High Power - 1.25” Meade 9mm Lens 8:15 - Notice light in sky. Believe its Jupiter.

8:16 - Not Jupiter. Possible mars, don’t fully believe it's Mars though.

8:18 - Notice object is dimming 8:26 - Go to set up scope 8:28 - Scope is on porch 8:29 - Object is in finder scope 8:30 - See Mars like object in main eyepiece 8:31 - See second small point of light orbiting main object 8:33 - See tether/ tractor beam “connecting” two objects 8:35 - Wife is on porch with me and looks through scope 8:37 - Attached tension spring 8:37 - Tried to put in high power eyepiece 8:38 - Put in main eyepiece again 8:39 - Found main object and saw it was blue 8:40 - Neighbor is with us 8:43 - Tried to use high power eyepiece again 8:43 - Moon filter off 8:44 - Object no longer visible It was about 8:15 PM EDST in Buffalo, NY. I as well as my wife and a neighbor were sitting on our neighbors porch as the sun was setting. We were talking about various things when I spotted a light in the sky. It was reddish orange at first sighting and fairly bright. It was stationary to the naked eye and no other visible objects or distinct lights around it. At first I though it was Jupiter and continued to watch for a minute. I then realized that it was to close to the zenith to be Jupiter and began to think it could be Mars but I was not sure due to my not seeing a star chart in about a year and wasn’t sure if Mars was visible yet. So I proceeded to my apartment next door and went upstairs to put my telescope on our porch and try to view it. As time went on the object dimmed very slowly. It was about 8:30 EDST when I got my scope out and had the object in my viewfinder. I then viewed it through my main eyepiece. What I saw looked almost exactly like Mars in size, shape, hue, and reflectivity. It appeared to have an atmosphere/clouds. The object had the orange/ red color but was not emitting the light on its own. As I stared I though what I saw next was caused by my eyes playing tricks on me. I saw a tiny point of white light orbiting the main object extremely fast in a teardrop shape around the object. If the main object were the point of a teardrop than the tiny point of light was moving in a clockwise motion as viewed through the scope. The point of light moved out towards the 10 O’clock position of the main object and went out approximately 5-8 lengths of the main object in the teardrop fashion. It concluded 1 rotation at about the 1 to 2 O’clock range of the main object. One rotation was approximately 2 and ½ seconds. I started shouting to my wife, who was still downstairs on our neighbors porch, to come up to my scope quickly because I am seeing something amazingly not natural. It is now about 8:35 EDST and she is up with me. Whilst she was coming up though, I continued to view the object throu! gh my sc ope and noticed something amazing. I saw some form of a tether/ tractor beam that appeared to be connecting the small point of light with the main object. The tether appeared to be the same hue of the main object, reddish/ orange, but it was very faint but defiantly there. My wife looked through my scope and saw what I saw, the point orbiting the main object, minus the tether due to her wearing glasses. I looked back one more time and stared for about 1 minute than began to adjust my scope, as I hadn’t attached either tension springs. I attached one tension spring to the left side of the scope. When I finished that I got out a 1.25” 9mm lens and tried to find the object again. I couldn’t so I put on the 2” eyepiece again and found it rather quickly but what I saw surprised me once again. The object had turned blue. It still looked the same as before with all the same features but it was just blue. Also the small object orbiting had disappeared and so was the tether/ tractor beam. It is now about 8:40 and our neighbor is now up with us and looked through the eyepiece. He saw the blue object and was disappointed that it wasn’t something waving at him. Well I watched it for a few more minutes and then decided to try the higher power lens. I put the lens in and noticed right away that I had forgot to take the moon filter off and so I quick took it off. It was now about 8:43. Once I put the eyepiece back in I lost sight of the object. I immediately ran inside and began typing this for accuracy of time/description.

This is the best I can do without have the right questions asked. Feel free to contact me for anything more that I may have no added in as I didn’t know the info was needed.