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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/25/2008 18:00 (Entered as : 8/25/08 18:00)
Reported: 8/26/2008 8:03:14 PM 20:03
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Johnson City, NY
Shape: Other
Duration:20 mnutes
Unknown object seen, followed by military helicopter with a picture of the chopper.

Today, a friend and I saw something that we could not explain, the circumstances surrounding it were rather interesting to.

This is what I posted at Open Minds Forum, I was told I should probably report it here as well. So I am reposting it here, in hopes that maybe someone else in the area saw something similar? and maybe got a pic ? I was too late for a pic of the object, but I did get a good shot of the Military style helicopter.. someone said it looked like a next gen.Cobra? Not sure myself.

I know, this doesnt mean that what we saw today was 'ET', it just means that we are quite sure it wasnt an airplane, and it was far to low to be a satellite.. ( maybe new sats fly that low, but im not aware of them).

so it could have been ours (man-made), or who knows what.. but the fact the this "military" helicopter.. ( thats what im calling it, you can tell me what you think it is, i got a pic of the copter). .. but the fact that that came shortly after.. is interesting, though at the time, the two didnt even click....

we knew it wasnt the regular hospital choppers that fly over , but we were wondering why one of those would fly over. Not even thinking about the weird thing we saw a little while before it.

We were outback of my house, jamming a little on the Djembe and guitar, we were jamming for awhile, and after a bit, i just instantly got bored and stopped. My friend kept playing..

I looked over to the south, at a cloud shaped i thought looked like the shape of the united states kind of...

and i got the thought to mess with my friend, and act all excited and say "look dude a UFO", but i didnt get that out, instead i just looked straight up, maybe looking for more clouds or something, and saw waht looked for a second like just a shiny metallic ball.. and looked for another sec to be sure, and said to him.. in these words... " look dude, i was just going to mess with you about a ufo, and look..whats that?" he said, "I dont see it?" so i was pointing it out to him..... him still trying to find it..

by now, it was an elongated shape , a second or two after it appeared "ball" like to me, it got a little closer and looked elongated, so this was what i was trying to point out to him.

a second or 2 later he saw it, and my first words were.. " plane?" I really didnt think it looked like a plane, but.. you know.... lol He said, "man, i dont think thats a plane", i said " yeah it doesnt really look like it does it".... so we kept looking, as it flew north east... no noise to it like the planes that fly over constantly... just moved... not too fast...... but by the time he mentioned to go get my camera.. I ran in the house, and ran back out thru the front door where it was headed... and looked, couldnt see it.. i looked out back to phil, and said, where is it? you see it? he said yeah i lookin at it, hurry up... so.. i raann back to where he was... and i couldnt see squat, he tried pointing it out, but it was to far by then. haha, what a clown i am running around with a camera.. LOL anyway...

it was silvery white, maybe about 10 times as high as when planes fly overhead when getting ready to land.... ( best i can describe height).. LOL, silly way to describe it i know.

the "body" looked slightly 'thicker' than a planes body..

it didnt have wings, (no wings ive ever seen,) it had what i want to say looked like... uhhmmm.... ?claws? .. not claws.... but, kind of like a surfboard fin, on each corner pointing inwards, 4 of them from what i could see.

and down the middle of the "body" or tube or whatever one would call it, looked almost like a spiral... much thinner than the rest of the object.. not a defined spiral, but thats the best i can explain it.

my buddy said after a few minutes ~ "maybe a sattelite?" , i really dont think that could have been a sattelite. lol he later stated he didnt either.

I still had my camera outside from when i tried to get a shot of the other thing, and got a couple blurry ones of the chopper, but one decent one to, it was quite high up.

this helicopter does not look civilian to me.. its not a medical chopper... what is it? I dunno, now that i sit a couple hours later, seeing that weird thing and then the helicopter a little while later was weird/interesting. cool though.


Heres the chopper pic not touched, and Ill asdd the blown up one in a few minutes, you guys might have something better to blow it up with, but ill do it anyway.

Helicopter pics added. Also a sketch I made of the object seen. Looking straight up at it.