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Occurred : 3/31/1979 06:10 (Entered as : 03/31/79 06:10)
Reported: 9/10/2008 11:06:47 PM 23:06
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Middletown, PA
Shape: Oval
Duration:20 minutes
It had a super bright light on the bottom and was a silver color with a couple of rect. windows and shot right up to the moon and behin

My friend and I where just getting home early in the morning before the Sun rose. We where looking torwards Middletown while TMI was having the Nuclear Accident. We watch this Supper bright light that was as bright as a star for about 20 minutes, but it was to close. The sun started to rise and the object was visible and it tilled a bit an took off so fast that it had shot straight out towards the moon and seemed like it went behind the moon. The object was in full view for both of us to get a really good look at it and was a silver-gray color. It was round and we could see a few rectangular windows, the very top looked to have a black round section on the craft with a lot of fins going to the center on the top. The next day the TMI accident was finally fiqured out to be over. It took TMI years to see the damage and it did melt down into the concrete.