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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/9/2008 23:20 (Entered as : 05/09/08 23:20)
Reported: 9/11/2008 2:52:34 PM 14:52
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Marlow (UK/England),
Shape: Formation
Duration:5 mins
9 large star like objects in a perfect line about a mile across.

9 what can only be described as very large and bright stars were seen by myself and a friend whilst night fishing last Friday. They were extremly low in the sky and were in a perfect line probably spreading out for over a mile. Whilst looking at them they slowly and in no particular order winked out one by one. At no point did they move and they never reappeared. They were not aircraft and were to large and bright/low to be stars.

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