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Occurred : 9/23/1974 21:30 (Entered as : 09/23/1974 21:30)
Reported: 9/13/2008 11:30:38 AM 11:30
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Spanaway, WA
Shape: Other
On a Late september nite We were Abducted my Mom and I. in Spanaway ,WA. on 23 /09 1974

I will start by saying that i became enthused by watching Eric Van Dankien tv show about the triangle. I then started going outside every nite, with my stepfathers binocoluars and a large lantern flashlite. I would lay down on thegrass my eyes strayning upwards for any sign of movement. when one night it finally paid offwhen 3 crafts that were shaped like the shape of wings of a c-141 sloped wings came together as one east the other south and the last one west they just stopped in mid air. I was so excited that i began to aim the lantern flashlite at them turning it on and off. trying to communicate to them. But after a short 5 minuets thy began to depart the area. two of the crafts began moving south. the other one became interested in me that I was trying to signal it. it then hoverd above my house,while not making any engine noises. it just stayed there. the underneath side was very visible. it looked like a bicycle wheel however it had walk ways underneath the craft with a lower dome shape in the middle of the underside of the craft. I was waving to it when the dome shape opend up like a small window appeared, and a man was waving back to me. after seeing a very bright lite came on I then became very scared. I ran inside the house and I threw the door closed As I was doing this I was screaming Mom there here. Mom was at her sewing machine looked out our big bay window from where she was sitting and said. Hurry lock the door. I started to run back to the door and just before I could reach the door the handle turned, and the door began to open. Iwas crying Mom hide therfe coming inside. but as i turn to run past the living room. I saw my Mom and she was levatating toward the door that had just opend. so I ran faster to my room. thinking that this my safe place. I hurridly looked for a place to hide then I hid in my closet and closed the door. I was sure that they wouldn't find me. It seemed that i was there for hours. I threw alot of clothes on top of me to cover me up. so that! they wo uld not find me. But just then I felt the door open up and then they found me. there were two of them a small little guy like me. And a much scarrier guy all dressed in black robe. I was very frightend just looking at him. then the small one put his hand to my arm. And i was walking with him out of my room past the front door to where a lite beamed down from the middle of the dome where earlier i had seen the man in the window of the dome. we went to the lite and went up ofer my house to the ship. The room was pitch black I was sitting with this little guy on sompthing like a bench against the wall, he was holding a cylindrical object in his hand and motioning me to use it I didnt understand what to do with it. But i refused. I then turned to the middle of the room and there was there a bed with some guys that looked like doctors, but they wernt doctors. They had my lying on the bed naked. they were doing things to her and she was incoherent. I then saw a being come from an opening in the black wall. After he left through the same place I went over there and I could not find any door so I stepped through the same place. only that when I looked down,to my left and to my right all I saw were stars in space. I kept walking,and came through to a room. where it looked like the place that ran the ship. there were about four gray beings I think these were workers and a being dressed in black robe. He realy frightend me to look at him. I started to walk around when I noticed these writtings on a couple of places they looked like heiroglyphics of a kind that I have never seen. Just then i saw my little friend come over to where I was standing he was holding my arm and we began a tour of the ship I told him then that I wasnt afraid of him and I felt at peace with him. He took me to a room where there was three other beings around a circular table. Where there was a handle and a few other objects that looked like control knobs. I asked him how does this craft fly? he showed me and that it was cont! rolled b y electro Magnatism. I didnt understand what that ment but o"well I guess it was o.k. Then we walked to three other rooms where there more of the beings. And then we went to a room where there were three boys and two girls like me butg different. they showed no signs of feelings or talking. I guess that these kids were about my age. When another being came to me and said that they brought me there to teach the children how to play. I said my toys are where we keep our garbage cans earloier in the day I had been playing with my army jeep and a tonka truck and horse trailer. After a few minuets the being returned,with my toys. And was angry and asked me if I,was a soldier. I laughed and replied that I was only a child. then hew gave me my toys and i started to play with them on the floor of that room. Infront of the other children making noises like car motors reving up. then I gave these to othe other children and they smiled at me with pointed jagged teeth that scared me just to look at them. Then it was my turn. we were in the black room again and it was my turn I was lying on the table naked. they the two doctors were grasping my stomach then the other one grabbed a long stem object and inserted it into my stomach. I creid out it hurt so bad what they were doing to me. as i was screaming and crying one being came with another long stem object around to my head just abouve my neck and the back of my head he was inserting this object in to the back of my head. It hurt so bad that I was yelling but like they dont understand what pain is. they just ignored my cries. after such pain that i was experiencing i passed out. I was weaking up when my small gray friend was there with me. we were in a room about 6x6 feet my Mom was there too sitting on a bench like I was I then asked my friend if I could go with them. He said that i could. Then i asked my Mom if I could go and she said it was up to me and that I could go. I then asked my friend how long it would be before we came back to my house. H! e said a bout 35 years. And after that I said no. Iwant to go with my Mom. I also asked him if I could have sompthing so I colud call him, when i wanted. He gave me somepthing like a button. And he said that the others would take it from me. if they found it on me when they let us go. Well when I woke up I remberd everything that had happend to me and my Mom. I awoke underneath my bed in my room. I then got up ran to my Moms room woke her up and she never to this day rememberd anything that had happend to us in our ordeal.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date of incident is approximate. PD))