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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/8/1992 22:00 (Entered as : 07/08/1992 22:00)
Reported: 9/17/2008 6:33:38 AM 06:33
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Longview, WA
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 minutes
My family saw a ufo in a distance over the hills and then in a instant it was over us and our home.

I dont want to be exposed to the public or exploited. It was terrifying because we didnt know how to protect our family and keep them out if they wanted into our home. I hope you dont think I am crazy when I tell you what happened but I swear to you, its all true. Occasionally our kids still talk about it but none of us shared it because people would never believe it and we would be made to look like fools. Being a skeptic before the incident I know exactly how that would go.

Here is what happened.

We lived in a new developement in Lexington near Kelso washington. Our home sat in a field alone, and it was very dark.

One night around 10:30pm or so we were watching tv in the family room and I noticed my husband kept looking out the sliding glass door into the sky. I asked what was he looking at. He pointed to a light in the sky over the top of the hills in a distance. It did appear to be holding still. Then all at once a smaller light dropped out from the bottom of it and headed downward and to the left. We watched and I made fun of my husband saying "oooh its a UFO!" and I flashed our porch light off and on for probably 10 seconds in the SOS pattern. The light instantly shot over from a tiny dot in the sky to right over us- something so damned bright it blinded us.

Our daughter started to cry and hid under a blanket on the couch yelling no, make it stop! It was giant and looked like a big cross of light. I held my hand over my eyes squinting trying to look at it for just a second and started to cry and slammed the sliding glass door shut and locked it and turned off all the lights in our house trying to hide from "it". but my husband and one son ran outside and stood underneath this thing. I was begging them to come in and not do that. It was so big. It covered our yard and home. It was so bright like no other light I have ever seen. Just writing about it for the first time makes me feel like crying. I have never been so scared. I didnt know what it wanted or what it would do. I was afraid it would hurt my sons and husband.

It made no noise. It didnt move. It just hovered over us. We couldnt see anything else. No sky, no trees nothing just the light. After what seemed like hours but was maybe one minute it retracted back up to the sky. It moved so fast that it was there and then it zoomed away in just a flash it was a tiny light again in the distance.

We were all shook up. I held our daughter and comforted her. The boys wanted me to hold them close too. Our little girl and the two boys wanted to sleep in our bedroom with us. We put a sleeping bag on our floor for our daughter and told the boys to sleep with the doors open from their room to ours. I feel so bad now looking back. I should have piled them all into my bedroom.

We fell asleep and woke to hear our boys screaming and banging on our door. I ran to their room and they were both shouting at the same time. I couldnt understand at first. Soon my husband came in to see what was going on.

They described a bright light like a flame coming to their bedroom window and then a person type thing with long arms, but it was short, was just there in their bedroom. The dog "bumper" barked at it. It just stood there looking at them. The boys said they were screaming as loud as they could but neither our daughter or either of us woke. They said it was almost the second we had gone to bed. It makes no sence. why didnt we hear them screaming? The boys realized we were not coming to help them and One of our sons told the other on the count of three they were going to run past it to our room and get us. They said the "thing" just moved from the closet area to the end of the bed without moving its limbs. Like flash, it was here then flash it ws there. The boys were screaming for us and we couldnt hear it! Our bedrooms across the hall from theirs. It doesnt make any sence that we could not hear them. Im a light sleeper and had just crawled into bed. We never could make sence of it. They woke us up by banging on our bedroom door which we had left open, but somehow it was closed!! Even then we had a really hard time waking up to get to the door. It sounds crazy , but its true. So I got up and went to their room. I thought maybe they were making a joke or something. I felt really confused and dazed, and I didnt even believe them. I calmed them down and they slept on my floor beside our daughter for the remainder of the night. Later I felt just horrible about it because the next morning they were still all excited and upset and showed me their bedroom window. ( our home was two story and their bedroom faced the hills where the ufo came from.) their window had a burned hole in the screen and the siding of the house had a burn on it. there was ash inside their windowsill. I brushed the ash into a baggy and was going to submit it to someone. We talked about it and I was afaid of ending up in some National Inquirer magazine or something horrible. We kept our mouth shut but the trama of it has never left any of us! . It too k about a week for the kids to sleep in their room. I felt so vulnerable. We called someplace and talked on the phone to someone who investigates ufo sighting because we wanted to know how to keep the beings out of our home. We never followed up because as I said before we didnt want to be exploited and our kids to suffer any further than they had already.

I am pretty sure that I still have the baggy somewhere. I kept the ash.

It IS okay to e-mail if you have questions, but its not okay to send some reporter or do anything to cause my family harm.