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Occurred : 3/25/1979 20:00 (Entered as : 3/25/79 20:00)
Reported: 9/19/2008 9:16:23 PM 21:16
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Big Sur (Lucia), CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:20 min
triangular glowing, amber object lighting circle of ocean, leaving glowing light and dropping 2 glowing objects into ocean, silent,

Report of UFO Siting 3/25/79

For many years now I have wanted to report this incident which occurred on highway one in Big Sur, California in March 1979 around 8pm.

Myself and a friend named Jimmy were hiking in the mountains around Big Sur all day and were tired and wanting a place to stay for the night. We stopped at one of the only motels along the road called Lucia in an area which was otherwise quite wild, and asked for a room but for various reasons were not able to stay there so began hiking south on highway 1 to the nearest campground. It was dark and we were very tired but there were no cars and we were walking so we had no choice but to continue. We left the motel (there was a gas station there too) and when we got far enough away from there that there were no more lights visible from the road we had the ocean to our right and the mountains coming right off the road to the left. We noted that any plane or ship passing the area could be heard more clearly as it echoed off the mountains. As we walked we looked out over the ocean and noted a silent triangular amber glowing craft hoovering above the ocean and casting a very large circle of light that appeared like a search light of some sort. We immediately realized that it was not from Earth. As we watched it began a lateral ascent, parallel with the shore and it dropped something amber glowing into the ocean. At that point it began leaving a phosphorescent trail of light resembling a jet stream behind it and then a few seconds later it dropped another glowing object into the ocean and continued to move slowly upward in a linear rise while still trailing the phosphorescent light. It was moving slowly and appeared to be about 1/2-1 mile out on the ocean. Abruptly, it turned left and shot into space. My friend through up his arms and yelled “Wait! Take me with you!” at which point from a tiny yellow star in the night sky it sent back two phosphorescent beams of light that started out as superimposed triangles which came straight at us where we were standing and eventually stop! ped as a formation hoovering over the water near shore and reflecting in the ocean below us. We both agreed that the formation resembled a vertebrae if you were looking down a spinal cord. It had a black hole in the middle of it and 3 spines coming off of it like a vertebrae. That light stayed in the air for about 10 min. before disappating. The jetstreams were there even longer. We were entirely energized by the experience which has forever changed my view of the world. I had reported the incident to the local paper in Santa Cruz, California the day after it happened to see if anyone else had reported such a siting and it was published in the paper which I didn't realize until I was sitting several days later on the beach covered with poison oak from the hike we did there and I was approached by a guy on the beach who asked me where I got the poison oak. I told him Big Sur and he told me about the article. He said he had lived at he campground where we slept that night and that there were all sorts of strange lights coming from behind the mountains there but when they would try to approach them, they would meet with force fields that would make it impossible for them to get closer. He felt certain also that there were very strange things going on there and wasn't surprised to hear our story.

I have this incident documented in a journal which is why the dates are so clear but the memory is as clear as though I saw it a minute ago. I have never heard of another encounter like this one. It definitely felt as though they knew we were there and that the light show at the end was for us. It was utterly spectacular. With all recent crop circles coming around the world, I have become very interested in becoming a part of the movement to understand and/or communicate with whatever is doing this. I feel that they are studying us like we study animal life on our own planet. We are primitive to them and they are being careful not to come on too strong, just giving us beautiful crop art and occasional sitings of their otherwise invisible craft. I heard recently that we have learned how to make things invisible and that this was learned through alien technology. I want to know more about this. How involved are you with the crop circle phenomena as it relates to the UFO sitings? Is there any way I can help with this? Please contact me. I am a Masters prepared nurse midwife in New York City. Jimmy managed a food coop in Idaho at the time and still lives in Idaho.