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Occurred : 9/21/2008 03:15 (Entered as : 9/21/08 3:15)
Reported: 9/22/2008 6:29:11 PM 18:29
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: San Fernando, CA
Shape: Sphere
Dividing object over San Fernando 9/21/08 followed by two jets...

Hi I would like to report a sighting from yesterday 9/21/08 I was on vacation for the weekend with my Husband at my brother in law’s house, San Fernando Valley, California.

At aprox 3:15 we saw in the sky, very high up a silver/chrome colored object was sitting still in the air. Very slowly it started to move in our direction. The object was moving too slow for an airplane. The object appeared to be splitting into two separate objects and then appeared to re-form. It also had almost looked like it was radiating heat as there was a slight ripple like effect surrounding it...

As the object slowly moved acorss the sky we saw two jets, one in front of the other fly close to this object as if in some kind of formation to observe whatever this object was.

About 30 minutes later the object was still moving slowly and we noticed a pink balloon object drift past the “UFO” in the opposite direction. So the balloon type object was following the wind direction and the “UFO was traveling in the opposite direction, thus confirming for me that the “UFO” was not a balloon and too slow to be an airplane and much to high to be either a helicopter or a blimp (which it bore no resemblance to anyways) the pink balloon type object almost looked like it was shriveling the “UFO” as were the jets.

All this time the object appeared to be dividing and re-forming.

We (my husband, sister in-law and myself) all observed this object for at least 40minutes in which this time it had made a slightly curved course across the sky.

I would be very interested if there have been any similar sightings to this one from yesterday and would be very interested in hearing you r opinion. I also called your hotline and left my telephone number, I would be more than happy to talk.