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Occurred : 9/25/2008 22:01 (Entered as : 09/25/08 22:01)
Reported: 9/25/2008 4:42:03 PM 16:42
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Newport (UK/Wales),
Shape: Light
Duration:5 seconds
orange light in night sky

I was in the garden , having a look up at the stars , when i noticed a small dot in the sky travelling in a straight line , i knew this was a satelite and watched it for about 30 seconds , it was traveling in a what i think is northerly direction maybe nne when all of a sudden i noticed a bright orange light which seemed to be moving at a very fast speed it was travelling on an easterly course and was only in view for about 5 seconds , i know it wasnt a sat i know what they look like and what speed they travel in the night sky , it wasnt a commercial aircraft ( no flashing lights and no visible vapour trail ) i dont think it was any sort of plane but who knows i heard no noise of an aircraft it might be explainabble but i would be suprised i have never seen anything like it b4 except once .

cant give you an exact date it was back in 1996 i was on a morning shift that started at 6am i was waiting for my lift at about 5:15 too 5:30 it was dark but starting to get light , i noticed an object in the sky similar to above but this was making funny movements , it would move to the right then back to the left watched this for about a minute when all of a sudden i heard jet planes i looked behind me and two raf planes shot overhead towards this light in the sky all of a sudden the object accelerated away at great speed and out of sight i watched the jets turn round and fly back in the direction they had come from never forget that sight till the day i die , i nearly peed with excitment .