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Occurred : 9/20/2008 10:30 (Entered as : 9/20/08 10:30 pm)
Reported: 9/26/2008 3:21:21 PM 15:21
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Apex, NC
Shape: Other
Three silver balls forming a triangle shape

I was visiting a relative in NC. On 9/20/08 at approximately 10:30pm I was sitting on a back porch by myself. It was a very clear night with good visibility. I was watching plans that were off in the distance, the airport is about 30 miles from the house.. Most of the planes were coming from the North then heading East.

Then from behind a large tree to the North I saw what looked like 3 balloons tied together forming a triangle shape. They were not lit up , more like illuminating from the lights below and the moon. The object looked silver and moved very slow with no sound. Then it moved very fast covering a large distance, then slowed down again and then went backwards a ways. At this point I called for my dad and aunt to come see. I realized it was not balloons. This was far to big to be. The object kind of hovered in the same spot for a few seconds, looking like a ball would look floating on water. Then it made a fast movement to the South West, then turned West and what looked like straight up, then it was gone. About 2 minuets later two military jets flew by. They both went to the East.

Finally my family came out and watched the sky with me for a while. All we saw after that were commercial airplanes.

I have had several sightings all in Arizona. This was unlike the other two objects I have seen.