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Occurred : 10/5/2008 21:00 (Entered as : 10/5/08 21:00)
Reported: 10/6/2008 3:30:11 PM 15:30
Posted: 10/31/2008
Location: Othello-Pullman, WA
Shape: Fireball
Highway 26 Washington State Othello-Pullman route Orange Glow sighting

It was around 10pm as my friend and I were driving back to WSU after being on the westside for the weekend. The moon wasn't visible at all and the road was pitch black except for the light of my headlights. No cars were insight and we were the only ones driving on the highway at the time. I couldn't see anything in my rear-view mirror for miles then all of a sudden an orange oval fireballish light appeared. I assumed it was a motorcycle pulling onto the road off an adjoining dirt road. I watched it for about a mile in my mirror then all of a sudden a second light appeared stacked on top of it. I looked at my passenger and asked her to look back and see if she could see it too, because no vehicle has lights that are stacked like that. She looked back and saw it as well so I knew I wasn't crazy. The top light went out and the one light was left as we kept watching. As we kept driving we watched it and it seemed to gain immense speed and seemed to be 20 feet (MAYBE) behind my car and then backed off really fast and kept playing this chasing game for a few miles. Then as soon as a car approached in the other lane it would go dark. Every five or ten minutes it would reappear after another car passed in the opposite lane, but only 3-5 cars passed in the other lane our whole 3hr. trip. When other cars would pass by us I asked my passenger to look back and see if she could see something in the headlights of the other cars...but nothing was ever seen. I was completely alert this whole trip, took no drugs, and had a passenger who saw everything I have expressed above. I would really love an explanation or at least some insight if possible. I know I'm not crazy, and this was the first time I've ever been approached by something that seems to fit a supernatural category.